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Secrets of Hollywood’s “Super-agers” Stars

For the past few years, scientists have been studying “super-agers” to learn their longevity secrets. What are super-agers, you ask? They’re people in their 80s and up who have the brainpower and physicality of people a generation or two younger.

One look at actual Gen-Xer J.Lo in her age- and gravity-defying intro in Hustlers, and it’s clear there’s some massive super-aging happening in Hollywood. Think Halle Berry, Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Aniston. Marvel at Kate Beckinsale’s abs and Julianne Moore’s poreless, porcelain skin.

What researchers have discovered are habits anyone can do to increase the likelihood of becoming a super-ager. Plus we’ve added a few treatment ideas that will keep your skin in super-ager shape.

Top Superager Habits

  1. Exercise, of course. Keeping up your cardiovascular and muscular health with regular workouts has been shown to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. And it’s a given that if you’re going to be twirling around on a pole in a beaded g-string at the age of 50, you’re going to be working your behind off. (Or in J.Lo’s case, working it on.) Famous for her derriere way before Kim Kardashian, J.Lo’s hardcore workout routine includes her fave butt move: The platypus walk, which involves moving back and forth with your legs in a plié position.
  2. Don’t stop learning. Whether it’s doing crossword puzzles or practicing a musical instrument, super-agers keep their brains agile with mental challenges. Having to memorize lines, mimic foreign accents or even learn sign language like Julianne Moore did for Wonderstruck definitely keeps the Hollywood set mentally flexible. And learning a foreign language also has huge brain benefits: 50-year-old Salma Hayek speaks five languages. Coincidence she doesn’t look a day over 35?
  3. Have a drink. Surprisingly, scientists found that moderate drinkers are less likely to develop memory problems than non-drinkers. Just keep it moderate: One drink a day for women; one to two for men.
  4. Be social. Having a strong social network is related to having more Von Economo neurons that help the brain cells communicate, which is seen four to five times more often in super-agers than other octogenarians. So keep up with your squad!
  5. A skin thing. Without a doubt, every one of the Hollywood super-agers takes incredible care of her skin. Halle Berry loves her sheet masks, while makeup goddess Gwen Stefani is scrupulous about letting her “face breathe” by getting all the makeup off at night. Kate Beckinsale and Julianne Moore are religious about sunscreen. But Jennifer Aniston is the one who’s refreshingly honest about her addiction to “laser porn.” The actress is a loud and proud proponent of both Clear + Brilliant and Ultherapy. Clear and Brilliant improves tone, texture and pore size, while Ultherapy is the only FDA-approved treatment to lift and tighten skin on the neck, chin, brow, and décolletage.


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