The OrangeTwist


a fresh approach


OrangeTwist is not your typical medical office. In fact, we’re the opposite. We are changing the $40 billion aesthetic market by providing the best services and the best talent. From our highly trained staff to our elevated, comfortable environment, our clients keep coming back not because they have to, but because it feels like home.

Founded by industry leader Clint Carnell, OrangeTwist was created to ensure clients make treatments a necessity, not just a luxury purchase.

Apples to Oranges


We focus on the client. From our beautiful, inviting spaces to our expert team—who have performed more CoolSculpting treatments than anyone else in the nation—to our curated menu of treatments, everything we do at OrangeTwist is to keep the client coming back for more. And we track it all. We measure every aspect of our business so we can make educated decisions that will keep OrangeTwist scalable.

Come be a part of something huge.

What’s in a name


To be completely honest, it happened over a cocktail.

But the technical answer is that the orange is a unique fruit. It never over ripens on the tree and there are no words that rhyme with orange (don’t even try). Twist is the braiding of several strands to create a common stronger thread. Together, we are a unique collective of industry leaders, aesthetic artists and entrepreneurs.

All about the location


Finding the perfect site for our centers is an art and a science. If you know where we should plant our next OrangeTwist, let us know!

The grove is blooming


Since 2015, OrangeTwist has opened 16 new locations throughout Southern California, Nevada, New Jersey, Texas and Washington.


The model is fully developed and the strategy is proven. OrangeTwist is growing. If you would like to take the next step in becoming an investor and/or practitioner with us, we would love to hear from you.