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Meet Jennifer — Master Licensed Esthetician & Gelato lover

Master Licensed Esthetician 
OrangeTwist — Brea, South Bay, and San Juan Capistrano, CA


Question: How did you get into the beauty space?

Jennifer: In my 20s, I was working full-time as a legal secretary for a local law firm in Orange County. I was also taking paralegal courses at night and working during the day. Stress and lack of time took its toll, and I ended up with adult acne. I decided to find out how to treat it. I tried over-the-counter products and prescription antibiotics, but nothing really seemed to work. Then, in my search, I found a medical skin care center specializing in acne therapies. It just so happened that I was also seeing a very skilled esthetician who owned her own business inside a salon. Together with the acne therapies and her outstanding facials, my acne cleared up and my face glowed. As I look back, I give her credit for being the one who inspired me. She wore a white lab coat and was very professional in her approach. I trusted her with my skin and asked her so many questions. At that point, she strongly urged me to look into becoming an esthetician.

Q: What is your favorite part of working with skin/face/body every day?

J: Meeting the people who come in! It’s wonderful to be able to make a difference in how people feel about their skin and to effectively treat any issues they are having with it. Transforming their skin is my reward, and the appreciation from them is the cherry on top. Honestly, we have the best clients, and my co-workers really help to make the environment fun and motivating. I just love working here. Plus, I am able to work at different centers, which keeps things interesting.

Q: Who is your favorite blogger and why?

J: Beauty Reinvented by Nikol Johnson. She is a Ford supermodel who is changing the industry by going naturally grey. She believes in embracing our true, authentic hair color—silver, grey or any shade in between. There’s a whole movement underway for “women of a certain age.” I am awed and inspired by the empowerment of women to accept this new outlook and to be free from chemical hair dyes. I’ve embraced this mindset myself for the past seven months, with a bit of fear at first, and now I am seeing the rewards of being patient with the process. I love that OrangeTwist has photos of attractive women basking in their natural light. Bottom line, women who choose to let their silver shine can still be relevant and trendy. So why not embrace the grey?

Q: Where do you go to research new products and learn about new advances in the industry?

J: I go directly to the website RealSelf. It’s chock-full of everything you need to know about dermatology, medical skin procedures, and the beauty industry. There’s information on state-of-the-art breakthroughs, from RF Microneedling to the latest in fillers/injectables as well as plastic surgery procedures. I also enjoy Instagram’s the RealDrSix.

Q: What is your favorite cheat meal?

J: Green chile chicken enchiladas, which I make myself or in a pinch, I buy them by the dozen from one of my favorite Mexican restaurants in the OC.

Q: What is the one ingredient or product you think more people should be using?

J: I’d have to say glycolic acid or an exfoliator accelerator. There are so many wonderful ingredients and products out there, but I can’t be without this one. It really does smooth the skin, making it like silk, not only for the face but for stubborn areas behind the arms or shoulders, caused by keratosis pilaris. For me, I like the reflective qualities it brings to my skin, keeping it fresh and youthful.

Q: What’s your favorite sport?

J: I really don’t watch/play sports. However, I did grow up being very active and engaged in many outdoor activities, such as water skiing, snow skiing, running 5 and 10Ks, swimming competitively, horseback riding and hiking. Now all I have time to do is walk, and that’s on a good day.

Q: There’s a lot of beauty misinformation out there. Where do you get your information?

J: Usually from ZO Skin Health and all our wonderful vendors that support our vision for face/skin/body care. I love to learn, and it’s great to share knowledge and to be able to pass that on to our clients.

Q: What is your favorite OrangeTwist treatment?

J: The HydraFacial, hands down! Everyone loves their skin afterward, and it’s very rewarding to see an immediate change. Just about everyone can receive one too. Training is essential, and I had the pleasure of attending their two-day seminar at HydraFacial headquarters in Long Beach. Such a great team of people who support us!

Q: What are three things that you like to do that don’t have to do with beauty?

J: I love to cook or bake, spend time with my husband and three daughters, and get out and see the beauty in this world-by traveling and sightseeing.

Q: What is your favorite ice cream?

J: I love gelato from a great Italian place in Costa Mesa at the Camp. It’s totally homemade and very delicious. Every flavor is so wonderful, but I am partial to their pistachio gelato.

Q: What is your makeup routine?
J: I always start with my GSR from ZO Skin Health products and finish up with my Daily Power Defense and Vitamin C blended together. Then I apply HydraTint sunblock as my foundation from Alastin. It goes on so smooth and gives you a luminous glow. Add powder from Jane Iredale, brow pencil, tight liner from Laura Mercier, blush from Jane Iredale, line my lips and fill them in with Mac lip pencil and a lip crayon/gloss. Finish off eyes with a lash curler, lash primer and mascara. Done!

Q: What is an interesting talent you have that most people don’t know about?

J: I’m a massage therapist/reflexologist. I was an owner of a very successful day spa in Northern California for 24 years, and it’s still in operation today. I also have a love for music and have promoted several smooth jazz events and performances through the Lodi Arts Commission. It was a thrilling meeting so many talented artists.


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