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Brentwood, Meet the Team

Meet Neda: Nurse Practitioner + Multi-linguist

Nurse practitioner
OrangeTwist —
Hometown: Orange County, California

Question: First things first. What was your childhood dream job?
Neda: A doctor.

Q: How did you get into the aesthetics space?
N: I worked in plastic surgery as an RN and made my way into non-surgical aesthetics.

Q: What do you love most about your job?
N: I love making people feel confident in their own skin.

Q: Favorite OrangeTwist treatment and why?
N: Clear & Brilliant because it’s an amazing anti-aging treatment that everyone can benefit from.

Q: Upcoming beauty trends you are most excited about?
N: Natural-looking aesthetics.

Q: Favorite influencer + beauty icon and why is he/she worth following?
N: Dr. Stefani Kappel because she is a board-certified dermatologist and has the education and training behind what she is influencing and gives a lot of good skincare and treatment advice. 

Q: There are a ton of beauty products out there. What are your must-haves?
N: ZO Skin Health Anti-Aging Program, ReFissa, and Alastin HydraTint sunscreen.

Q: Favorite cheat meal?
N: Pizza.

Q: Things you do outside of OrangeTwist?
N: Exercise, go to the beach, cook and attend advanced training and seminars in aesthetics.

Q: Favorite sport?
N: Tennis.

Q: Interesting talent you have that most people don’t know about?
I’m not sure if you would call this a talent, but I speak Farsi fluently and I am also in the middle of learning Spanish.

Q: Don’t hold back. If you could travel anywhere, where would it be and why?
All over the world. I love to travel.

Q: The best skincare routine.
ZO Skin Health Anti-Aging Program.

Q: One piece of advice you’d give to aspiring OrangeTwist employees?
N: My advice for aspiring aesthetic NPs and RNs who want to work here is to get as much experience as you can in the aesthetic field that will help you get your foot in the door. That includes shadowing others in this field, attending training and conferences in this field and doing as much reading as you can on your own (research articles, books, etc.). Also, get some aesthetic treatments done on yourself to make sure that you like the field. At the end of the day, you have to practice what you preach!

Q: Do tell. Share with us your guilty pleasure?
N: Real Housewives.

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