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Meet the Team, Newport Coast

Meet Susan: Nurse + Singer

Registered Nurse
OrangeTwist —
Newport Coast
Nickname: Glamma Susie
Hometown: Mission Viejo, California

Question: First things first. What was your childhood dream job?
Susan: To be a nurse (truly).

Q: How did you get into the aesthetics space?
S: I had always desired to work in aesthetics throughout my nursing career. I ran a full-service med spa for three years before joining OrangeTwist.

Q: What do you love most about your job?
S: Helping others look and feel their best through minimally invasive treatments.

Q: Favorite OrangeTwist treatment and why?
S: My favorite treatment by far is using dermal fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane because I feel like an artist sculpting my beautiful canvases.

Q: Upcoming beauty trends you are most excited about?
S: I’m definitely holistic-minded, so I love the beauty trend of using natural resources such as essential oils, plant therapy, and healthy living.

Q: Favorite influencer + beauty icon and why is he/she worth following?
S: I simply adore Christie Brinkley and have followed her for years. Imagine my excitement when I found out she was the spokesperson for Ultherapy. Her beauty is timeless, and if I look like her in my 60s, I’m going to do Ultherapy forever!

Q: There are a ton of beauty products out there. What are your must-haves?
S: I use a variety of medical-grade skin care products, but I must say my top picks are Daily Power Defense & Wrinkle + Texture Repair by ZO Skin Health, and Restorative Complex & HydraTint SPF by Alastin.

Q: Favorite cheat meal?
S: Always and forever: chips and salsa.

Q: Things you do outside of OrangeTwist?
S: I’m a grandma of four (almost five) grandchildren, so I love spending time with them. I also love using and discovering more about essential oils and their health benefits.

Q: Favorite sport?
S: Baseball (just watching, not playing lol).

Q: Interesting talent you have that most people don’t know about?
I’m a singer. I used to record backup vocals for multiple artists, and I recorded my own album in 2001.

Q: Don’t hold back. If you could travel anywhere, where would it be and why?
Italy, because I’m Italian. This is on my bucket list.

Q: The best skincare routine.
Wash your face twice a day, use high-quality, medical-grade skin care, get regular monthly HydraFacials, do chemical peels annually, drink lots of water and never forget your daily SPF regardless of the climate.

Q: One piece of advice you’d give to aspiring OrangeTwist employees?
S: Always love what you do, and that will carry over into your workplace environment.

Q: Do tell. Share with us your guilty pleasure?
S: Social media is my guilty pleasure. I love posting before-and-after photos, creating graphics and looking at other people’s work and learning from them. It’s my time to unwind and I love it.

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