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Featured, Meet the Team, Newport Beach

Meet Susie: Registered Nurse + 4th degree black belt

Registered Nurse
OrangeTwist — Newport Beach
Nickname: Suz, Master Cody
Hometown: Huntington Beach

Question: First things first. What was your childhood dream job?
Susie: I wanted to own an orphanage. 

Q: How did you get into the aesthetics space?
S: I worked my way up from tattoo removal center, to medspa, to plastic surgeon’s office, to crazy-busy medspa in Orange County, to OrangeTwist! 

Q: What do you love most about your job?
S: What I love most about my job is the variety of services that we get to perform as providers and helping people find confidence and living a happier life! 

Q: Favorite OrangeTwist treatment and why?
S: Sculptra! It helps people return to a more youthful version of themselves without ever looking overdone or augmented. 

Q: Upcoming beauty trends you are most excited about?
S: Filler in areas we were afraid to fill before and PLLA & PDO threads! 

Q: Favorite influencer + beauty icon and why is he/she worth following?
S: @InjectionExpert. A fellow Galderma trainer, she is not only a great injector but a great teacher as well. She keeps her posts informative, helpful and real. 

Q: There are a ton of beauty products out there. What are your must haves?
S: ZO Exfoliating Polish, Sente Bio Complete Serum, Alastin Hydrating Pro Mineral Sunscreen and Latisse! 

Q: Favorite cheat meal?
S: My daughter is a pastry chef and her fiancé is a chef, so basically anything they make is my favorite! They live in Nashville, so it is not often I get to enjoy their culinary expertise.

Q: Things you do outside of OrangeTwist?
S: Train nationally for Galderma, teach Tae Kwon Do, ride my bike and spend time with my husband of 34 years!

Q: Favorite sport?
S: I love watching ice hockey (GO KINGS GO!).

Q: Interesting talent you have that most people don’t know about?
S: 4
th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and 1st-degree black belt in Hap Ki Do 

Q: Don’t hold back. If you could travel anywhere, where would it be and why?
S: Any tropical paradise. I love to snorkel or relax on the beach or on a sailboat!

Q: The best skincare routine.
S: Always take off your makeup before bed. Do a variety of skincare treatments. Don’t get stuck on the same thing. A variety of treatments can yield diverse results because they target different issues and penetrate a variety of depths into the skin. For example, you don’t want to treat your sunspots but never address your fine lines! 

Q: One piece of advice you’d give to aspiring OrangeTwist employees?
S: Go out there and find all the training you can, hang out with knowledgeable providers, watch every video you can find, ask a lot of questions and make yourself invaluable! 

Q: Do tell. Share with us your guilty pleasure? 
S: $25.00/hour reflexology full-body massage or a good nap is my favorite Saturday afternoon treat!

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