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See the Truth with New 3-D Imaging Tech at OrangeTwist

As we grow as a company and a brand, we’re continually thinking about how to deliver even more efficient and effective services and products for our clients. That’s why we’re very excited to announce our partnership with oVio Technologies, Inc.

This 360-degree oVio imaging platform we now use at OrangeTwist was created initially by a plastic surgeon—its initial iteration was a handheld camcorder so the doctor could better see and measure qualities such as the skin’s elasticity and wrinkles and how the face looked before and after treatment.

oVio CEO George Rebensdorf says that since then, his company built up the initial idea to make the technology even more useful with a “global shutter” that takes one full-frame at every degree. That’s 360 degrees, 360 frames. Those are then transcribed into a video file. “So from an aesthetic standpoint, it means you can zero in on any frame, individually, in high resolution.” Both the still images and video files taken at various times can be compared side by side, showing a client’s true progress and improvements.

The system also enables practitioners to tag things they see in the images, such as skin discoloration, moles and wrinkles, which can be especially helpful in tracking progress and changes over time.

oVio imaging works anywhere on the body—face, abdomen, chest and even the top of the head for those looking at hair replacement results. “It’s easy to see the effects of what’s been done. And that’s really a big benefit to the practitioner,” says Rebensdorf. “We’ve also added this 3-D infrared depth scanner. That’s important because there’s a lot of data in a wireframed 3-D file, which includes measurements and shapes and sizes, that have tremendous value in the aesthetic space and the medical arena generally.”

A New Perspective Equals a More Satisfied Client

Even Narcissus, famous for staring at his beautiful reflection in the still waters of a pond, couldn’t get a true image of himself. It’s nearly impossible for us to see ourselves in 3-D as others do, even with the best mirror or newest iPhone camera.

“We’re used to seeing ourselves in 2-D, like in a mirror or in a photograph. It’s a flat image. We’re not used to seeing ourselves dimensionally. So what is surprising is how often a client will say, ‘I didn’t know I look like that.’ And then after their treatment, they’ll often say, ‘Okay, now I get it.’”

“This partnership with oVio allows OrangeTwist to bring our clients’ treatment experience to the next level,” said Clint Carnell, OrangeTwist Co-Founder, and Chairman. “The 360-degree imaging technology will help to elevate our customized approach to all of our treatment services and allow our clients to instantly see their expected end results from a viewpoint that was never available to them until now.”

Rebensdorf says that the partnership with OrangeTwist is a natural fit, especially because there are so many ways we can use this imaging technology. And in the future, look for oVio to contribute to artificial intelligence, perhaps in predicting how a treatment will work and what the actual results will be.

Currently, oVio is being used in the Newport Beach and South Bay OrangeTwist locations.

“It’s going to revolutionize the way practitioners decide what treatments can be used on clients and how they view themselves,” Rebensdorf says.


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