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The Eyes Have It: Gorgeously Green Makeup in Time for St. Patrick’s Day

Green is associated with the luck of the Irish, but anyone can rock this eye makeup color. We chatted with makeup artist extraordinaire Taylor Chang-Babaian, author of Style Eyes, about how to make this hip hue work for you.

“You have to ask yourself a few questions when wearing eye shadow in general,” says Chang-Babaian. “What colors do you have surrounding the pupil? Do you have gold speckles? What is it that you want to highlight?”

Note that choosing colors further away from your skin tone becomes more dramatic. “For a natural look, stay within a few shades of your color in either direction, lighter or darker. For example, for skin that is a medium shade, like olive, choose a green with gold undertones.”

Perfect Pairing

To help green eye makeup look modern, not clownish, keep the color close to the lash line, and pair it with a neutral lip. With this equation, “You can pretty much get away with anything,” says Chang-Babaian.

Also, there are fantastic, new, easy-to-work-with formulations. This combined with modern “do-you” sensibilities translates to limitless options. A lot has changed in the beauty industry even in the last decade. “There are so many color choices now. Pale or gold-accented green eyeshadow looks great with red lips, especially if you are wearing a stunning green dress,” she says. “Contrasting shades will make your eyes look more intense. So, go light or go dark. Think about it like framing a picture.”

No need to load on an eye palette of greens to shade and highlight. To avoid muddiness, “I generally like to have only one hero eye color,” says Chang-Babaian. “To be safe, use a bolder color with neutral tones first and then play around. It’s makeup—you can always click to read take it off if you don’t like it.”

For green eyes: “Using a green eye shadow the same color as your iris doesn’t necessarily make your eyes look greener,” says Chang-Babaian. For a natural look, she recommends the pale green metallic Zambezi by Nars; but for an intense smoky eye, she recommends a dark emerald—try Emerald Green Pigment by MAC.

For hazel eyes: “Hazel eyes are interesting because they are so chameleon-like,” says Chang-Babaian. “I recommend wearing medium green shades because it seems to reflect against the hazel eyes.” Her pick is Golden Emerald Infallible 24-Hour Eyeshadow by L’Oreal.

For brown eyes: Chang-Babaian likes more muted or darker shades of green. “Wearing very bright shades can look unnatural. Keep the color closer to the lash line to cover only the base to middle of the lid. I love crayons for brown eyes because it ensures you don’t stray too far from the lash line.” She recommends Junkie by Urban Decay

For blue eyes: “Green eyes are warm, blue eyes are cool, so try cooler green shadows with blue eyes. Think more turquoise, teal and brighter,” says Chang-Babaian. Go for Mystic Teal by Anastasia.


With these tips, green with enviable gorgeousness is in your future this St. Patrick’s Day and beyond.


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