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What Is Age, Anyway?

As we get older, we hear well-meaning friends tell us, “Age is just a number.” Yes… and no. It’s technically the number of years someone’s been alive. But it’s also a combination of how your skin and body weather time, your mindset, your mental acuity and how your body moves and works.

A nine-year study on “super agers” by researchers at Northwestern University found a major commonality in those who were studied: They had long-lasting friendships, which is believed to play a big part in brain health. They also lived in “Blue Zones”—specific locations in Greece, Japan, Sardinia, California, and Costa Rica—where there are the highest concentrations of people who live to be older than 100.

Dan Buettner, author of Blue Zones: The Secrets to Longevity, found that Blue Zoners had several other things in common:

1. They move throughout the day, often walking to work or caring for farm animals.

2. They slow down and don’t over-work themselves, making time for meaningful relationships and connections, especially family.

3. They eat a primarily plant-based diet. They also don’t overstuff themselves, and they drink moderately.

Working from the Outside In

Blue Zoners’ anti-aging secrets work from the inside out. You can do that too—and for a little extra help, you can also work from the outside in with specialized useful content treatments and products that go a long way toward giving skin a youthful boost:

Ultherapy treatments allow you to get tighter, younger-looking skin in an hour. It’s a non-invasive procedure known as “the lunch-hour facelift.” It’s FDA approved and works wonders to lift and firm all areas from your forehead to your chest.

● One way to make your procedure go smoothly and support healing is the Alastin TriHex Duo, which also aids your skin’s ability to repair itself post-procedure.

● Our necks show signs of aging first—Alastin’s Restorative Neck Complex is a great step to add to your skin-care routine as it will keep the neck area hydrated, firm and toned.

● Regular HydraFacials help to exfoliate, cleanse and moisturize the skin to maximize a youthful texture.

● Microneedling helps to trigger your skin’s own collagen production, leaving behind firmer skin and a reduction in visibility of fine lines and wrinkles.

So yes, age is just a number, but that doesn’t mean we don’t care about how we look and feel as we age. Taking intentional steps to live our best lives can add quality, joy-filled years to our lives.


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