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Looking Good, Feeling Great: 10 Gift Ideas for Father’s Day 2019

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Looking Good, Feeling Great: 10 Gift Ideas for Father’s Day 2019 Hero Image

Want to show your dad you love him on Father’s Day? Don’t give him a tie unless he specifically asks for one. Don’t give him a trinket that will only end up in the junk drawer. And for the love of all that’s holy in your life, don’t do a gag gift unless it’s an inside joke and you’re absolutely sure he’ll laugh. What does Dad actually want? That’s easy. He wants to look and feel good, just like everyone else. Here are some ideas:

1. Guns Show: Maybe Dad works out on his own, hits the boxing gym, rides his bike and trains for triathlons. Maybe the most exercise he gets is from the couch to the fridge and back. Wherever he is on the fitness scale, gift him some sessions with a personal trainer—and maybe even a gym membership. Try Equinox in Texas and Southern California or John Reed in Bellevue, WA.

2. Skin Deep: Research shows that dads are even more concerned about looking older than men without children. Sign your father up for regular HydraFacials and other skincare treatments through the OrangeTwist Citrus Club, where he can get great deals on all kinds of anti-aging wizardry. And guess what?—regular exfoliation makes for a closer, better shave.

3. Guy Grooming: If Dad needs an upgrade from his soap-and-water-only routine, try Perricone MD’s CBx for Men line, which contains CBD, a high-moisture, powerful anti-inflammatory ingredient from the hemp plant (no, it won’t make him high). As for a new razor, men are going nuts for the Philips OneBlade, an electric shaver that feels like a traditional razor without all the frothy mess. For more ideas, Esquire has a comprehensive guide for all hair, beard and skin types.

4. Call of the Kettle Bell: These Wacces kettle bells have a colorful vinyl wrapping, and the CAP Soft Kettlebell helps protect floors and skin from unsightly—and sometimes painful—scrapes. Of course, you could always go old school with the basic black cast-iron model from Iron Company.

5. In the Running: The Asics Gel Cumulus 20 made Running Shoes Guru’s top shoe for 2019, citing comfort and stability. And that’s something that will make Dad want to dance a little jig—or jog.

6. Get in the Spirits: If Dad enjoys the occasional tipple, sign him up for a rare and premium spirits subscription through Flaviar. Not only can he taste his favorites, but he might learn something new too. That’s pretty good for an old dog.

7. A Day in the Man Cave: OrangeTwist’s Man Cave offers the same great age-busting treatments such as light and laser skin rejuvenation, CoolSculpting fat reduction, fillers, and wrinkle relief, all in a made-for-him room designed for ultimate male comfort. Ask for it when you make his appointment.

8. Blended Family: Blender-ready smoothie ingredients delivered to your door? Yes please. Connect with Daily Harvest, SmoothieBox, or Sub-Zero Superfoods for subscriptions or one-time purchases.

9. The Great Cover Up:  A dark, slim-fitting jacket updates any look and can carry Dad through three seasons. You can’t go wrong with classics such as a bomber like Obama’s, a Jeff Goldblum blazer, or the Marlon Brando moto jacket. Just make sure you’re getting a quality piece that will last a long time—you may end up wearing it yourself someday.

10. A Day in the Sun: Take Dad on a hike by the beach, in the woods or on the mountain—unplugged. Make sure everyone’s protected with medical-grade sunscreens, such as Alastin’s Broad Spectrum SPF 30+ Sunscreen or the HydraTintPro Mineral Broad Spectrum SPF 36, which will even out skin tone. This summer, he will also come to count on ZO Skin Health’s Broad Spectrum SPF 50 and Sun Spray SPF 50 for some heavy-duty UV-ray guarding.

Of course, no gift will eclipse time with loved ones—make time for Dad when you can, all year round. Consider a standing dinner date, regular movie nights or season tickets to theater or sports. Oh, and if he really does need ties, try the Tie Bar subscription service.