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Couples’ Wedding-Day Countdown: How to Get the Skin + Body You Want on Your Big Day, Starting Now

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Couples’ Wedding-Day Countdown: How to Get the Skin + Body You Want on Your Big Day, Starting Now Hero Image

The countdown to the big day is on! How did it get here so fast? Time flies when you’re making a million decisions. From the venue to the menu, plus where your mother-in-law’s once-removed vegan cousin, who’s flying in late from Minnesota, is going to sit at the rehearsal dinner. Phew! Well done, beautiful. Good job, handsome. Challenge conquered. Now it’s time to focus on you. Say “I do” to a gorgeous complexion and body. Here are tips and scheduling recommendations—and you can even embark on this get-fit-and-beautified-pre-wedding stage as a couple.


A Year to Three Months in Advance

Envision how you’d like to look and feel on your wedding day and on your honeymoon, then set your diet, skincare and fitness goals. It might seem overwhelming, but you don’t have to get there alone. Now is the time to get your team in place and start reaching out to friends and family for support. Studies confirm it’s easier to lose weight with a partner. For some couples, working out together increases happiness and efficiency. But note: sometimes your significant other isn’t always your best weight loss buddy. Choose mindfully as a couple what actually works for you.

Now isn’t the time for fad diets. You want to feel your best not just physically but also emotionally.  can have an emotional effect on both your body and mind, amping up stress, depression, anxiety, and poor body image—all the things you definitely don’t need more of leading up to your wedding day!

Vet plans and seek counsel from your primary doctor, nutritionist, and physical trainer. POPSUGAR Fitness has a wealth of wide-ranging, fun and free fitness videos on YouTube.

Here are other helpful pre-wedding websites and apps:

● com


● Headspace

● Calm

● Zeel Massage On Demand

● GlamSquad

● Yoga Studio

● Sworkit

● Nike+ Training Club

● Couch to 5K Running App

● Runkeeper 


Now is also the time to find or connect with your aesthetic treatment professional if you’re interested in skincare regimens. Peels, lasers and skin tightening, for example, may be a one-off or involve multiple treatments performed over several weeks.  takes one to three months for the results to start showing. Some hair-removal techniques require multiple visits. HydraFacials are recommended monthly.

Oh, and grooms: Many dermatologists offer specific packages for both spouses, including wedding shower/bridal party services. (There’s also the OrangeTwist “Man Cave” option, which provides all the treatments you could want in a dude-friendly setting.)

The further in advance, you can try aesthetic procedures, the better. This includes injectables such as Botox and filler, as well as wedding haircuts, hairstyles, facial hair, extensions, and teeth whitening. Think ahead and do trial runs.


One Month Before

Botox and fillers can be refreshed seven days to a month before the wedding. Botox can take a few days to settle in but lasts two to three months, depending on your activity level.

Now’s the time to do a test run of any professional tanning services or products. Targeted tanning can also help abs appear more “sculpted.” Be mindful of products that could stain your wedding dress or tuxedo shirt.

Check in on your fitness goals: Talk to your trainer to target areas that may need additional toning—but don’t push so hard you cause an injury.

Think through your makeup purchases. Will you cry at the wedding? Swim on your honeymoon? Experiment with waterproof mascara. Do makeup trials for wedding and honeymoon beauty looks to help avoid allergic reactions and love your look. Look for travel-size versions of your favorite beauty products to help lighten honeymoon packing.


One Week or Less

You’re in the home stretch! Limit excess salt, carbohydrates, and alcohol to reduce puffiness in your face and body. Next, make a checklist for last-minute treatments:

● Wax, including eyebrow shaping.

● For men, it’s recommended to get a professional shave a day or two before the big day.

● Lash or hair extensions.

● Get a facial for maximum glow.

● Write your packing list: honeymoon makeup, sunscreen, hair accessories, hair care, sexy bath salts, and massage oils.

● Consider a hair gloss for extra shine.

● Try a full-body exfoliation.

● Get a massage. You’ve earned it!

● Get your mani-pedi as close to your wedding day as possible. Consider gels for chip-free color through your honeymoon.

● Don’t overdo exercise to limit soreness.

● Get good sleep.

● Hydrate!


On the Big Day

● Eat breakfast.

● Have your hair and makeup done about three to four hours before the ceremony

● Accept help from family and friends.

● Breathe.

● Visualize this important day going beautifully. You made it.


The love of your life is standing in front of you. And that’s what matters the most. Nourish this love to last a lifetime—inside and out.