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35 Podcasts You Should Know About

Change your commute from “ugh” to “yes!” with these trending podcasts.

Since the advent of the smartphone, a whole world of listening and learning through podcasts has come into full bloom. Broadcasting, no longer the domain of professional newscasters or DJs, is now accessible to anyone with a good idea and a few pieces of simple equipment. There’s a podcast for you, no matter what tugs at your heart and tickles your mind.

Next time you saddle up for your commute, road trip or even a stretch of housekeeping, consider one of these:

Book Lovers

The New York Times Book Review: You’ll learn about the work directly from the author and hear thoughtful commentary from reviewers; recent guests have included David Sedaris, Michael Pollan and Nell Scovell.

Longform: Authors such as Malcolm Gladwell, Ta-Nehishi Coates and Susan Orlean discuss their nonfiction work.

In-depth Interviews & News

In How to Be Amazing, Comedian Michael Ian Black talks with authors, entertainers, political figures and artists about their creative process.

Journalist Kara Swisher goes in deep with interviews from the week’s newsmakers on her podcast, Recode Decode.

The Ezra Klein Show from Vox is a series of conversations with buzzmakers in politics.

Undisclosed looks at wrongful convictions and digs up new evidence that didn’t make it into court, giving the innocent a new chance at freedom.

The Daily is a news roundup show from The New York Times.


Startup profiles emerging businesses, gives tips for creating your own and details everything else you need to know about startup culture.

Tim Ferriss interviews high-profile guests and deconstructs what they did to become successful.

Elsie Gets Crafty is geared toward small creative businesses and features interviews with entrepreneurs, and funding and marketing ideas.

Secrets of the Most Productive People from Fast Company magazine offers tips for navigating work, business and getting the most from your waking life.


This American Life, The Moth and Snap Judgment are no longer relegated to your NPR station—listen to the thoughtful, funny, sad and “things that make you go hmmm” stories you love, whenever you want.

The Freedom Writers podcast brings back the students from the iconic film to tell stories that change the world.

Science & Learning

Invisibilia is NPR’s science + storytelling podcast that explores the forces that shape our behavior.

Science Vs. looks at fads, trends and group thinking to see what’s backed up by facts, what’s not and what has a reasonable semblance of truth.

Widen your pool of knowledge with Stuff You Should Know, from HowStuffWorks, where topics include factoids about animals and nature, biographies and cultural phenomena. (Related: Stuff You Missed in History Class.)

Why are soccer balls black and white? Who is the woman portrayed in so many New York City sculptures? What’s the intrinsic paradox to owning a mobile home? Listen to 99% Invisible to learn about the backstory on things we see all the time but don’t think about much.

Radiolab makes science understandable for everyone, even the kids in the car.


Dave Ramsey has practical financial advice for nearly everyone: single parents, retirees, and most important, those just trying to learn how to save and manage money.

Bitcoin and crypto currency expert Laura Shin’s Unchained podcast goes deep into the workings of blockchain currency and how it affects our world.

 Lifestyle & Culture

Culture, commentary and comedy collide in Two Dope Queens, the highly entertaining podcast from comedy geniuses Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams.

Girlboss is aimed at Millennial women as they navigate work, relationships, health and other life-defining issues.

This Unmillennial Life strives to help women over 40 navigate through the new and exciting challenges they’re now encountering in their middle years.

The Happier With Gretchen Rubin podcast is the bestselling author’s show about little hacks to make the day better and habits to start cultivating for a sunnier outlook on life.

Krista Tippet’s On Being explores humanity through a global, spiritual lens.

Comedian Jolenta Greenberg and her skeptical friend Kristen Meinzer host By the Book, in which they live the rules of a self-help book for two weeks at a time, to see which ones are actually helpful.


Older kids who crave a good ghost story will love Lore, real-life scary tales that might be told around a campfire, but come at you digitally.

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls is a collection of true stories about inspiring women.

Brains On! is geared toward curious kids, but grown-ups will also love this fun and approachable science podcast.


Health & Sports

ESPN’s 30 for 30 takes a deep dive into the stories of sports, games and iconic figures, including a world-class gambling hacker, an internationally known yoga guru and the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry.

The Nutrition Diva helps you sort truth from myth when it comes to food, and gives you fun and creative ideas about how to enjoy it.

ABC Radio’s Motivated looks at health trends and is a good primer for people interested in fitness and wellness.


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