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5 Ways to Get Fit in Dallas

How do you want to have fun in Dallas? Ride the mechanical bull at Gilley’s, slip on some boots and start two-stepping or hunt down the city’s best barbecue joint? You’re able to do all that and more in one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. But while you’re there, make sure to fit your exercise in. Here are five places you can go to get your moves on:

Katy Trail: The 3.5-mile city park greenbelt follows an old railway line and serves as a neighborhood park. Today residents and visitors flock to the trail for biking, walking, running, organized athletic events and even as a commuting alternative.

White Rock Lake: The lake and surrounding park, 5 miles northeast of downtown Dallas, offer a nearly 10-mile hiking and biking trail, a skate park and kayak rentals.

The Texas Pool: It’s worth the trip to Plano, about a half hour north of Dallas, to swim in the historic 168,000-gallon saltwater, Texas-shaped pool. Swim alone or bring the family. It’s fun for everyone.

Dallas Swing Dance Society: Learn some fancy footwork at a low-cost lesson or show what you know at one of the regular dances. In addition to the aerobic exercise, partner dancing provides emotional and social benefits.

City Crew: Row, row, row your boat for a full-body, strength-building workout. Try the basic “City Crew” class where you can perfect your technique to music as you row in sync with others, followed by some strategic stretching. You can also opt for the “Row and Flow”—part rowing, part mat exercise.

Whatever workout you choose, go big—you’re in Texas! While you’re at it stop by OrangeTwist Dallas just in time for summer!


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