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6 Ways to Keep Healthy on a Cruise

Sure, the food is non-stop and there are ample opportunities for lounging and napping. But just because you’re on a cruise, you don’t have to leave your health and fitness routine back onshore. Modern-day wellness cruises offer healthful food, high-tech gym equipment, outdoor running tracks and more.  

“Travelers today are continuing to place a higher priority on maintaining wellness and balanced lifestyles while on vacation. It’s not only about enjoying the destinations and cultures while traveling, but also continuing to care for their minds and bodies,” says Ken Muskat, EVP and Chief Operating Officer of MSC Cruises USA. MSC Cruises partners with WW (formerly Weight Watchers) to host WW Cruise programs. For example, on the MSC Meraviglia mega-ship, guests can play basketball or soccer rain or shine in the indoor Sportsplex. Guests can also take advantage of yoga, aerobics, personal training sessions and a variety of cardio and weight training.  

Here are some ideas that will keep you fit while afloat: 


Find an Activity You Love or Want to Try 

You can look for specific-activity cruises, such as YogaCruise, a week of yoga on a motor-sailing yacht in the Turkish Mediterranean, or perhaps a ropes course on Norwegian or a day filled with water sports on Windstar.   


Drink Plenty of Water  

It’s vital to drink water every day, but it’s especially important at sea. You’ll want to shore up your hydration for extra time in the sun, all the exercise you’re getting and to help counter all those alcoholic drinks that come with little umbrellas. And speaking of those … 


Bar None (or Just Some) 

Refuse the “open bar” option if it’s presented to you when you’re buying your ticket. Chances are you’ll drink way more than you would if you were paying per drink. Those sweet fruity cocktails go down much easier and faster when you think of them as “free.”  


Treat Yourself 

Take advantage of the ship’s spa services and extra bonus offerings. For example, Seabourn created a fleet-wide mindful living program offering guests a holistic spa and wellness experience including special programming with physician and wellness guru Dr. Andrew Weil. 

Appointments fill up fast on “at-sea” days. Book your onboard massage, beauty and wellness appointments as soon as possible. 


Choose Healthy, Not Humdrum, Foods at the Buffet 

Cruises are notoriously rife with fatty, over-salted food, but you can always find vegetables and salads for filling up. Some cruise lines are hopping on board the better-food trend, such as Holland America, which also caters to those with special dietary needs.   


Opt for Active Excursions While Ashore 

Choose shore day trips that promote movement, such as hikes, zip-lining, and dance.  AmaWaterways offers excursions that feature leisurely bike tours around European rivers with picture-perfect vistas such as the Rhine and Seine. It also offers active hiking tours. 

 When you cruise with your health in mind, chances are you’ll come home fitter and happier than when you left. Bon voyage! 

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