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A World of Fun: The Hottest Global Destinations for NYE 2020

New Year’s Eve is full of promise and excitement as the old year gives way to the new. It’s a time to forgive, forget and move forward. You can, of course, watch the year shift from anywhere in the world (or sleep through it), but you can also ring it in as part of a meaningful international journey you’ll remember for a lifetime.  

Monitor flight fares through apps such as DealRay, Hopper, Google Flights or Momondo. Make your reservations early for the best prices, or look at short-term vacation rentals as an option.  


Other tips for traveling internationally:  

  • Make sure you have a valid passport and any necessary visas, paperwork, and vaccinations set to avoid a last-minute scramble (or worse, missing the first day or two of your trip). Also, have copies on the cloud and on your phone just in case the originals get lost or stolen. 
  • Figure out the money conversion and get a little currency before you leave to work with so you don’t pay the exorbitant fees from money changing kiosks at the destination airport. Most countries have ATMs you can use for simple and affordable cash. Also, see if your credit card charges extra fees for foreign purchases, and make a switch if you need to.
  • Will your phone work overseas—and how much will it cost you to call, text and browse? Check-in with your carrier for the best deal. And make sure you have a charger that works in your destination country. 
  • Travel insurance is a great idea in case things happen that are out of your control. The U.S. Department of State also has a good travel checklist for when you’re venturing beyond the border.  


Here are some sizzling hot international places to consider on each continent: 


North America 

Mexico City’s celebration starts early in the day and just keeps ongoing. The Angel of Independence is the hub for the main party with fireworks, DJs and all kinds of revelers. There are also alternate, calmer places to celebrate if midnight madness isn’t your thing. Eternal Expat has a great guide on how to NYE here.   


South America 

In Buenos Aires, the parties happen on the rooftops and in the streets and even in private homes—you’re welcomed pretty much anywhere you can find a spot to dance. You’re also expected to wear pink underwear (that’s been gifted on Christmas) for good luck in the coming year. Culture Trip has all the details. 



Join one million of your closest friends for an unforgettable evening in Sydney, where the entire city hosts one of the world’s most celebratory New Year’s Eves. Roads close, public transportation ramps up and the harbor is ready for your boating (or viewing) pleasure. The evening opens with a Gadigal indigenous ritual for purification and unity, then there’s a lighted-boat parade, fly-overs, fireworks and dancing through the night. Check out SydneyNewYearsEve.com for all the happenings.  



Take a break from the urban din and head out on a Moroccan Sahara three-day camel tour leaving from Marrakech or Fes. You’ll ride, dine and sleep under the stars, stopping at villages, ancient kasbahs, and oases along the way. On New Year’s Eve, the party involves a cookout and live music from local musicians.  



The people of Basel, Switzerland, celebrate with music, food, and fireworks. After an annual concert by the city’s wind instrument orchestra, locals head to the Münster cathedral for a service, then for dinner (fondue, anyone?). Locals pass out free mulled wine to warm your hands and heart.  



Make your way to the island of Koh Phangan, Thailand, way earlier than you think you should as accommodations are limited and travel requires a lot of logistics, then settle in to get ready for the epic Full Moon party that starts at sundown on the sugary sands and goes until the morning light. Think of it like a starry rave open to all.  



If you’re up for the adventure of a lifetime, this 11-day, eco-conscious Intrepid Cruise leaving from Ushuaia, Argentina, offers the usual amenities such as yoga, a pool, gym and photography classes, and massages, but also some spectacular site-specific offerings. You’ll spend time seeking humpback whales, seals, and orcas from the bow of a Zodiac, and you can sit in on lectures from the marine biologists, glaciologists, and historians on board. One note: You do need to be able to find your sea legs eventually, as the ocean can get rough and it’s reaaaaaaalllly cold out.  


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