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Beauty & Brains: Here’s Your Amazon Back-to-School Shopping List

Everyone’s deep in the throes of returning to school and prepping for the academic year ahead. Whether back-to-normal is welcomed or not, you can still usher in the season’s beauty, health and lifestyle trends, while keeping it all real and attainable. It’s a snap when you shop online and have it sent directly to the dorm or to your doorstep. Here’s your Amazon shopping list:

The big bag: Harper’s Bazaar is adoring oversize carryalls for fall, and we’re excited about that. The key to a bigger tote is to find one that is roomy enough for all your gear yet lets you organize it so that everything doesn’t dump down into one big black hole. We love the Floto Italian Leather Messenger Bag Briefcase for your Macbook Air or tablet; if you’re carrying more gear, look at the Baosha HB-28 Canvas Travel Tote that sports a secret compartment underneath for shoes or whatever you deem special enough to keep separate.

Skin and hair sparkles: Allure spotted bling all over the runway, but not where you’d expect it, like on clothes or accessories. This season, look for press-on sparkles and gems for your face to lend drama and whimsy in lieu of heavy makeup. Try Karizma face glitter, which comes in so many super colors that you might want the variety pack to start. (Use Karizma, NYX or e.l.f. glitter primer to get it all to stay in place.) There are also stick-on pearls and gems for all the shine but none of the pain of piercing. And who says just brides get to deck out their ‘do? Try weaving a sparkling crystal-and-pearl garland through your tresses, or opt for a simple jeweled headband.


Supplies: If the professor or teacher provides a list, make sure to check it and get everything on it to avoid that last-minute scrambling in the middle of an assignment. If you’re on the hook for basic notebooks, that’s easy, of course. But you can also amp up your image with Studio Oh! notebooks that offer arty fun designs (we’re partial to Beau the Yak). You can never go wrong with the Paper Mate Flair felt-tip pen, but what if we told you in came in a limited edition pack of 24 different colors? It does! You’re welcome!


Sweaters: Up your sweatshirt game with a cashmere hoodie from Citizen. They’re super soft, deliciously warm, and for sure on the “do not borrow” list when it comes to sharing with the roomie. Or go for a modern classic such as the women’s Pendleton Merino Magic Wash Crewneck, cropped a bit short (good alone or with layers peeking out underneath) or men’s updated take on the Dude look, the Long Sleeve Summit Sweater.


Crocs: We know! WHAT? But according to Pinterest, Crocs are trending hard on the 2019 Back to School list (up 400%!). These easy casual clogs go from the garden to the classroom, then out for a quick snack or laundry run, no problem. Look for updated silhouettes such as the Offroad Sport option, which rides a little lower and sleeker. We also like the Crocband Platform Clog, which adds a little funkiness in its height.


Barely-there makeup: Fresh skin is in, so why not flaunt it? Of course, you’ll want a little polish to complete the look. Start with a tinted moisturizer such as or the darling of Korean beauty-product lovers, Iope Air Cushion for a flawless base. Go for a subtle, creamy cheek highlight (use much less than you think you need) such as Stila Convertible Color Dual Lip and Cheek Cream and sheer lip color as in Honest Beauty’s Tinted Lip Balm. Glossier Boy Brow gel keeps those eyebrows in place; finish it off with a sweep of Benefit Rollerlash Mascara, which also comes in a handy travel size.


Body beautiful: Stock up on items that make you feel good and the tools you need for dorm DIY. For the bath, Epsom salts, which help with relaxation and detoxification, come in lots of yummy aromatherapy varieties, such as ginger-lemon, eucalyptus-peppermint, and turmeric-ylang-ylang-citrus. Then go full Korean spa with scrubbing gloves that exfoliate your skin to its natural baby softness. For extra foot love, slather on some Maccibelle lemon callus-remover gel and treat with a Chialstar natural lava pumice stone and Esarora microplaner. When you get out, slather your skin with fresh-smelling Inis the Energy of the Sea Revitalizing Body Lotion.

Even if you’re not ready, you’ll be in the throes of school life soon enough. At least when you’ve got all your gear, you can fake it until you make it, with an A+ for effort.


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