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Give Us 30 Minutes, We’ll Give You the Best Facial of Your Life

How HydraFacial Is Redefining Skincare

The only thing better than a great facial? A great facial at regular intervals to keep your skin dewy fresh, clean and looking its best.

OrangeTwist offers the revolutionary HydraFacial, which combines proven techniques with new-generation serums and cleansers to provide a patented facial experience. OrangeTwist founder and chairman, Clint Carnell, also serves as chief executive officer of The HydraFacial Company, a private equity-backed company that provides this noninvasive, restorative procedure to more than 2.5 million women and men annually.

Question: What would you say are the biggest differences between a regular facial and HydraFacial?

Clint Carnell: Well certainly our tagline: three steps, 30 minutes, best skin of your life, is appropriate. What’s great about the HydraFacial is it takes some of the benefits of a traditional facial but automates those so you get a very predictable result. By that I mean, in every case, you’re getting cleansing, you’re getting extraction, you’re getting hydration, but the variability is taken away because it’s very uniform. The nice thing is that it works on all skin types. It works for all skin of color, and it always feels good. You always look great, and so it works every time. It’s just a very predictable, great way to treat your skin.

Q: Can you break the steps down for me?

CC: For the first step, you’re cleansing the skin and sloughing off any dead skin cells. This leaves you with a really nice porcelain feel, almost like you’d get with a traditional peel. The second step is the extraction where you’re pulling out blackheads and various toxins and debris caught in your pores. Now your pores are primed to receive the serums we apply, which is the third step. It takes about 30 minutes and is just really an elegant way to take care of your skin. We like to call it an “automated process.”

Q: What do you mean by “automated,” exactly?

CC: If you think about a traditional facial, they’ll use different types of ingredients or peels, and then they may or may not extract. Sometimes it can be painful. You break out. You can have variable results. With a HydraFacial, we’re simultaneously vacuuming as well as delivering fluid with a special patented device. This way you get a very predictable result, and that’s why women and men like it so much. You can tell when somebody’s gotten a HydraFacial. Their face absolutely glows.

Q: Tell me about the serums and what they do.

CC: Essentially, we can take medical grade cosmeceuticals, and because you have clean, hydrated and exfoliated skin, it just makes whatever you’re using that much more effective. We’ve got partnerships with some of the leading skincare brands in the medical space, such as ZO for Brightalive, which is a brightening serum, and Rozatrol, which reduces redness related to rosacea. We’re working with Colorscience that has a serum for the eye area and also provides a take-home cover-up product for dark circles. We also work with SkinCeuticals.

Q: What are you hoping people will come away with after they’ve had a HydraFacial? What’s the best thing you hear when people are through with the treatment?

CC: People don’t say that they like this treatment. They say they love it. One of the favorite things I’ve heard is: “I’ve got to have this in my life,” and really, that’s what we aim for. People simply love the treatment because they look great and they feel great. There’s a wonderful clinical benefit to getting a HydraFacial once a month—people get hooked.

Q: What about people with extremely sensitive skin or allergies or acne? Is there a different way you would approach their faces?

CC: You always have to be careful. This is still a procedure that you want properly supervised by an aesthetician, so you want to go through the normal allergy disclosures. That said, it’s very rare that somebody will have an allergic reaction. We do have products that go on afterwards to help calm the skin, and our Antiox+ is an ingredient for really sensitive skin. Usually your aesthetician can recommend something after learning your history and understanding your skin type.

Q: Anything else people should know?

CC: Yes! HydraFacial is on a national tour—follow us at #HydraFacialNation.


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