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CES 2020: Here’s a Sneak Peek Into the Future of Beauty Tech

You’re probably in your beauty groove by now—you’ve got a lock on your cleaning and exfoliating products and can swipe on/wipe off without a second thought. But maybe your routine could use an upgrade with some must-have-but-didn’t-know-you-needed tools in your future.

As in other realms, advances in technology change everything, and beauty is no exception. For a peek at next-gen solutions, look no further than the annual Consumer Electronics Show, which takes place each January in Las Vegas. This year in the beauty realm, it’s all about customization.

“The modern-day consumer craves personalized products made just for them. This means brands need to know their customers’ unique demands to best serve them across all consumer touchpoints, online and offline,” said Perfect Corp. founder and CEO, Alice Chang in a press release. Her company, YouCam, provides beauty tech software solutions that combine advanced artificial intelligence and augmented reality technology and is best known for apps that create enhanced selfies. This year’s offerings included YouCam’s hyper-realistic mirror-screen from which users could try on different hair and makeup looks.

The Future Has Arrived

The talk of the conference was the new L’Oréal Perso system, which provides custom-blended skincare, lipstick and foundation formulations based on an initial skin analysis; environmental factors such as weather, UV index, humidity and pollen; and the user’s concerns and issues.

Skiin Connected Health smart underwear is actually a thing. Skiin products for men and women can monitor stress levels, sleep quality, activity, temperature and other metrics that directly affect your health and beauty.

The French-designed IEVA Time.C Smartwatch has a big mission: to collect personal statistics around health, well-being, and beauty, then provide suggestions and strategies to combat the signs of aging and improve overall health. Simultaneously, it collects environmental data such as noise, pollution, temperature, and humidity to help combat climate change.

Maleficent’s all-knowing mirror has nothing on this one. The HiMirror is not only designed to provide the best lighting and angles for makeup application, but it also aggregates global user data to provide recommendations on products that have worked for people with similar skin types and environments. In addition to keeping track of skincare and fitness regimes, the mirror can remind you that you have, for example, forgotten to use your eye serum or you’re in need of extra exfoliation. And if that’s not enough, the mirror has Amazon’s Alexa and the associated music streaming and information capacities.

We’ve seen and loved the Korean sheet-mask trend for quite some time, but the Amorepacific Tailored Facial Mask Pack 3-D Printing System attempts to improve it by providing a custom-fit mask (with information gathered by a smartphone camera app) infused with personalized “hydrogel” ceramides and hyaluronic acid in the exact right places for optimal absorption. 

Toothbrushes are getting smarter. The Oral-B iO gives you immediate feedback on your brushing skills and suggests different cleaning modes; the Colgate Plaqless brush can identify bio-film on your teeth and let you know when you’ve got it all cleaned up.

For spots on the face, arms, hands, chest and elsewhere, the Opte wand is an enhanced digital camera that captures 200 frames per second to catch imperfections undetectable to the human eye. Then, using a proprietary “printer” filled with a camouflaging serum, it deposits a cover-up to correct spots and promises to lighten sun- and age-related discoloration over time.

Thinking about ink? You can do it without commitment with the Prinker S tattoo printer, which deposits a temporary design of your choice on your skin within seconds—and just as easily washes off.

Who knew armpit-smell solutions could be high tech? Well, the Pragrant Electric Deodorant promises to eliminate odors with a custom dose of “bioplasma” depending on the intensity of the smell, leaving no wetness or sticky residue. Finally, because you have perhaps spent a small fortune on all your “skinvestments” and medical-grade products, Samsung’s quiet beauty refrigerator cube is designed to keep all your lotions and potions at an optimal temperature.


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