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Pro Secrets for CoolSculpting Success

So you’ve made the decision to discover your best body through eating well, exercising and CoolSculpting, a process that freezes fat in targeted areas and permanently eliminates it. Now what? There’s generally a three-month window until you see the results of the treatment, but in that time, there are things you can do to make sure you’re making the most of it.

We talked with CoolSculpting expert Brittney Morris, the regional director for OrangeTwist. A pioneer in her field, she was one of the first to work with CoolSculpting since its FDA approval in 2010 and has performed more than 7,000 treatments.


Your Body After CoolSculpting

When your CoolSculpting treatment ends, 20-30% of the fat cells treated have essentially died off. Whenever cells die, the body sends an immune response that wakes up the elimination process, Morris says. This sends other remover cells to “gobble up” the dead fat cells and eliminate them organically through urine, sweat, and waste. “The rest of our body maintains its natural state with no disruption. During the elimination process, you will not notice anything different with your body except for the fact that, over time, your fat bulges are reducing in size little by little,” she says.

Morris says that, immediately after the treatment, OrangeTwist technicians use the Zimmer Z-Wave Pro, a tool that sends sound waves under the skin to help smooth the skin’s appearance. “It’s a game-changer for our CoolSculpting treatments—we’ve seen an increase in the fat reduction and a quicker onset of results,” she says.

Here’s why: Just after CoolSculpting, the fat cells are in a fragile state, and there are a number of additional fat cells that are almost dead, but not quite there. The Z wave breaks through the membranes of the fragile cells and kills those too. In addition, the Z waves help break down the crystallized frozen fat cells into small pieces, assisting your body in a quicker elimination process. There is an immediate influx of blood flow to the area, causing less discomfort, less numbing and less swelling post treatment.

“Once they’re at home, I strongly recommend clients drink extra water and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Above that, there are modern skincare body products on the market that have proven to accelerate results and tighten the skin—it’s a win-win!” Morris says.  One of OrangeTwist’s latest body products is the Alastin Body TransFORM. With its TriHex technology, this product sends signals to your body to expedite the elimination process, while at the same time increasing collagen and elastin fibers. We recommend two to three pumps daily on the treated areas to help maintain long-term skin tightening.


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