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Head-to-Toe Holiday Prep Starts with the New oVio 360 Camera

We’re fast approaching the holidays, which means it’s time to show everyone you haven’t seen in a year (or, in some cases, much longer) that you’re thriving and living your #BestLife. Combine more time indoors with all those holiday treats and parties, and that can mean #notsomuch.

For folks with busy schedules, non-invasive aesthetic treatments have become a reliable and time-efficient way to make sure you look and feel like your very best self. But with so many options out there—and with information overload being a real obstacle to overcome—it’s no wonder that so many people are left to sit and wonder, “Which treatment is right for me?”

Thankfully, there’s a new and exciting way to find out using technology. oVio Technologies developed its oVio 360 camera over the course of more than a decade to provide comprehensive imaging for customers. But what, exactly, does that even mean? And what does it have to do with luxury spa treatments?

The Full Camera Experience

First, the oVio 360 camera rotates around you for 12 seconds. Once it has finished its rotation, it goes to work to create a three-dimensional version of its subject. With this digital version, you can essentially try treatment before you buy it and see those results accurately and instantly.

The oVio 360 camera is beneficial for both you and your aesthetic treatment provider. They will not only be able to give you all of the information associated with the treatment, but they’ll also be able to offer a realistic representation of expected results. This helps you become empowered to make informed decisions about which treatments you receive—think CoolScultping for eliminating stubborn fat, Ultherapy for tightening up the skin and IPL to resurface and rejuvenate the face and decolletage.

oVio Technologies CEO George Rebensdorf also notes that the conversations around treatments and outcomes can be more effective with this new technology. It makes the experience truly customizable from start to finish.

The three-dimensional image created by the oVio 360 camera makes the typical treatment consultation an elevated experience. Think of it as some built-in quality control, too, because initial scan images and the version created to display the results of each treatment can be kept on file, and providers can use these images to ensure the oVio 360 results match the actually acquired results.

In short, there’s no longer a need to worry whether a treatment is going to give you the results you’re seeking. Thanks to the oVio 360 camera, you can work with your provider to customize a treatment plan until you see the results you want. At last, a no-strings-attached glimpse into the future—but sorry, we still can’t tell you who will win the Superbowl.


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