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Health and Beauty Tips for Light Travel

Air travel can play havoc on your skin and body. So how do you prepare for healthy travel and minimize your carry-on load in light of TSA’s 3-3-1 rules?

As a registered dietician nutritionist (RDN), Mascha Davis is keenly aware that beauty is more than skin deep. “What you consume can affect how you look and feel,” she says. She’s best known for her brand, Nomadista Nutrition, which combines her love of travel and fashion with a career that takes her around the globe, but she’s also a major humanitarian.

Whether working in South Sudan treating malnutrition, traveling in the United States or working with clients at her Los Angeles office, Davis needs to be on her game. Since her living quarters abroad are often small, she packs wisely, using 3.4-ounce containers for favorite multi-tasking products. But surprisingly her number one beauty and health tip is not a product she needs to pack.

“I’m really focused on getting properly hydrated days before the flight,” says Davis. “A lot of people think hydration is just drinking a lot of water, and it is, but it’s also important to have a balanced level of electrolytes in your body.” She suggests taking one electrolyte tablet daily, such as Nuun (or any other brand with plant-based ingredients), a few days before departing as well as on the flight, along with increasing water consumption.

Davis also advises staying away from alcohol, coffee, sugary snacks and salty foods in flight—as all can be dehydrating and make you feel sluggish. “Although some airlines do offer some healthy options, I recommend that my clients bring healthy food and snacks with a low sodium content, and of course, drink water.”


Multi-Tasking Beauty

“One of my favorite product lines that I recently started using is Biossonce,” says Davis, who only uses all-natural products. “I really like the squalane oil because you can use it on your face, hands and dry hair as well.” Biossonce’s squalane oil is a plant-based oil that mimics the moisture found in the human body.

Another multi-use product Davis recommends is Airelle’s Intense Hydrating Repair Complex, an all-natural antioxidant and anti-aging moisturizer that comes in a handy travel size, which she applies before takeoff and in the morning and evening.


Beauty Time Savers

To get her hair looking its best, Davis gets a professional blowout before departing, or once she gets to her destination. To keep her hair looking fresh, she turns to Lulu Organics Hair Powder, a handmade, talc-free, nonaerosol alternative to dry shampoo that can also be used as body powder.

Davis advises bringing only a few favorite cosmetic items. “For me it’s dark eyeliner that I can wear at night and a lip gloss.” She also carries foundation with a good SPF —“in case I forget sunscreen.” Using a bronzer as eye shadow and lipstick as blush are easy hacks that take little room.

Her personal game-changer? “Lash extensions—they’ve almost eliminated my need for makeup.”


Get Adequate Shut-Eye

When changing time zones, Davis may take Melatonin, or another natural sleep aid such as Valerian root or 5Htp.

She recommends trying different products to see what works best but warns to avoid fillers and artificial ingredients. “Products work differently depending on individual genetics and how ingredients are metabolized … what works for one person may not work for another.”

Ultimately if you are hydrated, get enough sleep, exercise and eat healthfully, packing for travel becomes a whole lot lighter because your skin and body should be better prepared for the journey.


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