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How to Incorporate Injectables into Your Routine

Injectables are the new minimally invasive, high-return beauty secret that nobody’s talking about, but everyone’s using. Some of the more popular uses of injectables are to improve the appearance of wrinkles, contour certain areas of the face and hands and offer more structure to desired areas. 

Different types of injectables can also be used to relieve specific discomforts, such as relief for migraines and teeth grinding. What’s the magic behind injectables? Injectables work by adding volume to specific areas or freezing muscles that cause tension or lines from extensive motion. The great news is that most everyone can incorporate injections into their beauty routine, for a minor touch-up or definite improvement. 

First of all, timing is an important factor to weigh when considering injectables. If you’re wondering about the ideal time to get injectables, the short answer is, well, right now. Procedures that involve injectables are non-surgical, use local anesthetic and require little to no downtime. 

At times, patients can experience some mild bruising, but there are ways you can minimize the likelihood of this happening. For example, it’s recommended that you avoid exercise on the day of treatment. Also, research has proven that it is best to stay away from medications and foods that will increase the risk of bruising for up to a week before getting the injections. These include fish oil, vitamin E, aspirin, and some Chinese herbs such as Ginkgo Biloba. And if you consume alcohol, hold off on that cocktail or glass of wine on the day before and on the day of the treatment. If you do end up bruising, it should fade within a couple of days. Otherwise, you should be able to return to your daily routine promptly.

Once you decide when you’re going to get injectables, you’ll then need to decide which type of injectable you are going to get. Plenty of different options are available depending on what you want, so you’ll want to consult with an expert provider. At OrangeTwist, we have three different treatment options for wrinkles (Jeuveau, Botox, Xeomin and Dysport) and four volumizing injectable options (Radiesse, Juvéderm, Belotero Balance and Restylane) to choose from. When you’re deciding which route is best for you, keep in mind how long the results of each type of injectable are supposed to last. Hyaluronic acid (water-loving molecules) are the most temporary, while synthetic fillers tend to last longer. Still skeptical? That’s OK. It’s critical to get all the information from your OrangeTwist expert to weigh your options properly. 

A major perk of injectables is getting results that are essentially instantaneous. After a few short days, you’ll have a clear idea of how injectables work best for you. Still wondering if you should go ahead and try? Visit with one of our experts, discuss your options and try them out for yourself. Book a complimentary consultation at OrangeTwist today.


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