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HydraFacial Magic with OrangeTwist

Alright, ya’ll, I had the opportunity to give my skin a boost and I have to tell you guys about it because it was both amazing and terrifying. I went and got a facial courtesy of OrangeTwist Fort Worth and damn, was it nice. We’re in our 30s now and getting to the point where we can’t ignore skincare and still hope to age like Jennifer Lopez, but that’s ok because OrangeTwist is THE PLACE to go to get your skin looking and feeling like a baby’s bottom.



OrangeTwist is both a brand and a luxury treatment center with locations in Texas, Washington state, and southern California. It was founded by Dr. Grant Stevens, M.D. F.A.C.S and Clint Carnell, an expert in lifestyle brands; they teamed up to create an aesthetics center unlike any other. Their centers are staffed by medical experts and offer a variety of non-invasive treatments for the whole body. Their medical expertise and compassion towards their clients sets them apart and makes them one of the best choices available for anyone looking to improve their health, both physically and mentally.

Before HydraFacial


After HydraFacial



I opted for a HydraFacial, and it was a miracle in a tiny tube. HydraFacials are intended to minimize fine lines, brighten skin, decrease dark spots, reduce oil build-up, and more. When mine was finished my skin felt SO SOFT. It was also noticeably brighter, and my makeup went on so much smoother (although with a couple of these you could definitely get away with wearing little to no makeup, your skin will look that good). Also, at the end of the facial, they showed me the tube with all the gunk in it that they had pulled out of my face and LAWD I was both disgusted and also motivated to book my next treatment so that my pores never look like that again. Definitely something worth doing at least once a month.



For one thing, many of their skin treatments (including the HydraFacial) take less than 30 minutes. That means that you can get it done on your lunch break, and your skin will look younger in less time than it takes a mechanic to change the oil on your car. We might be getting older, but we’re still busy and I know how difficult it is for working women and moms alike to find time for self-care.

OrangeTwist also partners with other brands- how cool is that? They have a ton of options for “boosters” that you can add on to your treatments. I did a ZO brightening booster and a lip treatment that uses LED lights to make my lips soft and smooth. They also work with Botox, Dysport, Alastin Skincare and more. You can check out a list of their boosters here.

If you’re concerned about the cost, don’t be. All their treatments are super affordable, AND they offer a discount if you join their “Citrus Club” membership program. You get early access to new products and treatments, exclusive pricing on current treatments, and a free Botox treatment after you’ve been a member for 6 months. Yes, you heard that right- free Botox.

Move over JLO, Fort Worth LO is gonna show you a thing or 2 about skincare.

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