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Inside Aesthetics: OrangeTwist Spa

An interview with Denise Keeler, chief operating officer of the new luxury treatment center for men and women, OrangeTwist, with locations in Texas, California, Nevada, and Washington.

What is the concept for OrangeTwist?

The concept for OrangeTwist is simple. We want everyone to be the best version of themselves. Our treatments are non-invasive and best in class. We believe medical spa treatments should be as popular as hair and nail treatments. We built this business to be approachable, safe, and comfortable.

How did you decide on the name OrangeTwist and is there a special meaning behind it?

The real story stems from a cocktail – a martini with an orange twist garnish – but, truthfully, there is nothing in the English language that rhymes with orange, making it very unique. The twist comes from its definition, taking two or more strands and twisting them together to make one common thread.

What pushed you to acquire the PURE location?

PURE was acquired based on its location, like-business, and beautiful build out. Overall, wellness is a growing segment in the medical spa space, so we were eager to adopt the IV therapies and wellness vitamin shots to help round-out our clients’ goals and experience.

How many locations do you have and what are your plans for expansion in 2020?

We are proud to have 14 locations in four states. We have announced a partnership with Sephora – opening our first one in October. The future is bright for OrangeTwist, as we will finish 2019 with 17 locations and are expecting to close out 2020 with 30 plus locations.

What separates you from other aesthetic centers?

Great question and simple answer: we do everything a little bit better and we focus completely on the client. OrangeTwist is approachable and we make it simple for the best results.

What has been the response to the addition of IV therapy to the menu?

There is definitely a growing interest. Adding this service has really shown busy clients that we are their go-to, one-stop shop. 

What is the most popular treatment request?

At OrangeTwist, our most popular treatment is coolsculpting. We have treated more people in the market, have more machines per site, and are the number four provider in North America.

Do you plan to add any new treatments to the menu in 2020?

We are always looking at treatments that are considered best in class and in high demand and how they would fit into our four-wall economics. That being said, there are a few technologies that have piqued our interest, including oVio360, a machine that captures full 360 HD imagery in less than seven seconds for detailed side-by-side comparisons, which we are currently beta- testing. It is an absolute game changer for consultations by helping the client visualize exactly what their end result will be.

What are your growth plans for 2020?

We are planning to expand our market further in Washington and Texas and are looking to expand our partnerships.

How do you market to the public?

We have a marketing agency partner that we actively work with and are very much focused on branding, engagement, and conversions. We hone in on these details with a 360-approach, which includes our website collateral, programmatic, social media, videos, and community activation.

How do you choose which skin care professionals to hire at your locations?

We are constantly recruiting and looking for the best in the business. We hire for attitude and train to aptitude. Great team members attract more great team members. We worked with recruiters in the past, but now, we are pleased to say that we hire based on referrals.

What motivates you to work in this industry?

This industry is growing and has been a fun ride. OrangeTwist is the perfect motivator, as we mix retail with aesthetic treatments in beautiful locations. Overall, this is a fun and rapidly growing industry. We love the people, businesses, and technology that make it all work – that is the icing on the cake for us.



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