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Sheer Gorgeousness: Why Jelly Makeup Wins Summer

There are so many things to do for summer! Plan a vacation, get to the beach and break out the fun hot-weather clothes. Summer is also when we swap out thicker foundations in favor of sheer, whisper-light layers of makeup and multitasking, travel-friendly products less likely to clog pores. This season, look for the fun, jiggly-sweet trend of jelly makeup for cheeks, highlighting, eyes and lips. Makeup artist extraordinaire Taylor Chang-Babaian, author of Style Eyes, a book all about eye makeup, shares her best tips on riding the jelly trend.


Tip 1: Prepare Your Skin for Sheer Exposure

In summer you can’t hide skin imperfections under thick layers of makeup. The heat is going to melt it off and/or exacerbate complexion issues, such as acne. To prepare your skin, get a HydraFacial, which cleanses, extracts and hydrates for an instant, nourishing glow. It helps give confidence to even go naked—well, at least on your face—with a sheer layer of jelly highlighter for light and sparkle.


Tip 2: Finger Paint!

It’s OK to channel your inner preschooler and have fun finger-painting; just temper it with the discernment and talent of a grown-up. Chang-Babaian says she applies jelly makeup with her fingers. “Jelly makeup is usually made up of water-based stains without the creams and oils that might help them to blend. So the way to get gels to be less blotchy is to make sure your face is very well hydrated and moisturized. If your skin is dry, your application will for sure be blotchy.”


Tip 3. Go for Dew-licious Color

Choose a jelly formulation when you’re going for a sweet, dewy appearance rather than a mega-watt highlight. “Jelly makeup tends to offer a glow rather than shimmer,” says Chang-Babaian. Beauty cult favorites include FARSÁLI Jelly Beam Illuminator, Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Color, You Glow Girl Iridescent Jelly, e.l.f. Cosmetics Jelly Highlighter, Butter London Glazen Eye Gloss, Makeup Revolution Jewel Collection Jelly Highlighter and NYX Professional Makeup a Bit Jelly Gel Illuminator.


Tip 4: Experiment

Jelly makeup is youthful and fun and gives off a natural radiance, Chang-Babaian says. When you’re out in the heat of a concert or taking a road trip, be sure to bring blotting papers if you need them and paper towels to dab off sweat—and of course, lots of sunscreens. Jelly makeup gives you just the right amount of added sparkle to dazzle—especially on a lightning-bug, firework-filled endless summer night made of magic.



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