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Why You Should Make a ‘Skinvestment’ in Your Beauty Products

A surprising reason why spending more on quality skin products helps you save down the line.

Beauty products fill the shelves of drugstores. You can’t walk into a department store without running the gauntlet of salespeople hawking high-end lotions and potions. Even a trip to the grocery store tempts us to try new, improved beauty products. It’s no wonder our cupboards are overflowing with skincare items we simply don’t need, don’t use and that don’t work.

“Ultimately they become abandoned because they don’t do anything that makes you excited about reapplying them,” says Steven Camp, MD, physician with OrangeTwist Fort Worth, a double board-certified plastic and general surgeon.

It’s natural to want to save by buying off-the-shelf products instead of medical-grade skincare, but in the end, you’re wasting money and time with products that don’t work as well—or at all. It helps to think of skincare as an investment—not only financially, but also for the overall health of your skin.

“I think making the leap is a difficult part of the process, but after six months to a year, I would argue that there’s a potential cost savings on avoiding spending money on useless or unnecessary products that patients don’t know they don’t need,” Dr. Camp says. “What I tell patients is that you may pay a little bit more upfront for medical-grade products, but what you’ll find is that they’ll be more efficient and effective, and you’ll use less. You’ll be able to get more days of use out of them and you’ll actually see an improvement. Over time you end up having fewer products clutter your bathroom. You’ll actually spend less money.”

And some brands offer loyalty discounts, with deeper savings as you continue to use the products.

The Medical-Grade Difference

Most people understand that you have to pay more for quality (think about a leather bag that will last a lifetime vs a vinyl one that will fall apart within a year), and when it comes to medical-grade products, the difference is in the concentration of active ingredients such as Retinol, antioxidants and peptides. When you buy off the shelf at a grocery store, Dr. Camp says, “What you end up having is a bunch of very bland, either nice-smelling or nice-feeling products, without the required amounts of active ingredients to produce the clinical results that might be claimed.”

Some products can actually make your skin worse—for example removing makeup with an over-the-counter soap can be too harsh and can actually strip the skin away, along with oils that naturally keep it hydrated.

Upgrading your skincare does come with the added step of getting professional oversight. “It’s just like a professional athlete can’t really train for what they do without coaches and supervision. Medical-grade skincare shouldn’t be dispensed in the store, and the FDA knows that. That’s why medical-grade skincare requires our supervision,” explains Dr. Camp.

OrangeTwist doctors and staff see the results of a quality skincare regimen every day. After just 90 days, results can include improved skin health, reduced dyspigmentaiton, less cracking, less flaking, and an overall glow and sheen.

And when you take care of your skin with quality products, you are setting a good foundation, so you won’t need aggressive or invasive treatments down the line. “It might spare you the idea of having a full facial laser resurfacing treatment or even a surgical procedure sooner than is necessary,” Dr. Camp adds.

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