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“I Have Nothing to Lose—Except the Fat”: My CoolSculpting Journey

By Scott, 48, as told to OrangeTwist Staff

All my life, I’ve been in competitive sports. I know what it’s like to be in good shape. But when I hit 40, I felt like my metabolism slowed down. I still play competitive tennis, but last year, I had some shoulder issues and surgery, so that put me out for 17 weeks. It wasn’t fun. And I was limited in terms of what I could do for a cardio workout as well.

I started gaining fat around my middle that felt impossible to lose, even working out daily with a trainer five days a week. It was depressing. I saw advertisements for CoolSculpting and thought, “Why not? I have nothing to lose—except the fat.”


My Experience: “It’s Called CoolSculpting for a Reason”

As an athlete, I’ve always known if I was even five pounds overweight—and at my heaviest, I’d gained 26 pounds. Right now, I’m about 220, so I still have room to go. The stomach area and “flanks” are my biggest concern.

I talked to a lot of friends about CoolSculpting as well as my dermatologist. She said the proof is in, and the success rate is high. So I went ahead and did it.

Hats off to the OrangeTwist staff for creating such a wonderful environment. First, they made me very comfortable and set me up in front of a TV. Then they started the treatment and let me know it would be cold—I mean, it’s called CoolSculpting for a reason. But there’s no pain, more like a sucking sensation on the skin. I wouldn’t even call it unpleasant.

Afterward, I absolutely had no bruising at all. I could see a little red mark for about a day. The rest of the area treated was sensitive for about a week—I could feel some tingling pins and needles in the shower, for example, when I used soap in those spots. But it didn’t leave any marks or bruises or anything.

It’s only been three weeks since my treatment, and I think it’s already working—I know those fat cells are on their way out. My “muffin top” is disappearing, and I’m seeing more of my abs. I’ve noticed changes not only in the mirror but also in how my clothes fit.

I also am behaving better in terms of what I’m eating. Before the CoolSculpting treatment—in the past probably—I would have reached for fatty, junky food without even thinking about it. Now, it’s much more ingrained in my head to be conscious of what I eat. I want the best results possible.

I’m going back for a second session in a couple of months. I’ll focus on the same area around my waist and abs, but also I’ll consider other places as needed. My goal is to look my best by summer—I’m going on a cruise in August to the Mediterranean, so I’m hoping by that time, I’ll be in peak shape.


My Goal: To Love My Body Again

I hope this doesn’t sound conceited, but for most of my life, I was so used to being in the best shape possible. In the past decade, I haven’t been. I want to look in the mirror again and love what I see. I know that eating is important. Exercising is important. Avoiding alcohol is important. There are a lot of factors that make your body in the best shape possible, but with CoolSculpting, I get a head start by getting rid of that area where the fat cells are hard to target.

When I’m done, I hope to influence others—I’ve already got my partner and my neighbor interested in CoolSculpting. If I am a walking example of something that actually does work, I think that’s a great, great thing. That’s what I would want to see or use an example because you know that it does work if you know someone personally and they know the struggles.

I’m really optimistic about this, and I know it’s only going to get even better. I can’t wait to fast forward and see what happens.



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