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Sephora + OrangeTwist = A Better Beauty Experience

Imagine a one-stop solution to all your skin and beauty needs, whether you’re looking for microneedling and mascara or BBL and blush. In this place, you could get all the skin-deep treatments you want and then waltz over to the counter for a cosmetic consultation and stock up on products that make you look and feel terrific. Why wouldn’t you want to meet all your beauty needs in one location?

The dream becomes a reality in the partnership of beauty brand titans Sephora and OrangeTwist. As perfect a pairing as Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire or wine and cheese, Sephora and OrangeTwist will offer their customers an even more comprehensive experience on their beauty journey.

In a move toward expanding skin-care offerings, some Sephora locations have already started to offer mini HydraFacial treatments for their customers. Clint Carnell, CEO of HydraFacial and OrangeTwist’s founder, says it makes so much sense to take the next step of pairing Sephora and OrangeTwist locations.

“The Sephora customer is our customer,” Carnell says, noting that the trends in skin health and non-invasive aesthetic treatments are skewing younger and attracting more men, and an overall more diverse customer base. “It’s pretty exciting, and we know their consumers are focusing more on skin health. They spend a lot more time on their face, and they naturally graduate to the products that we offer. Whether it’s Clear + Brilliant, the Forever Young BBL, Botox or fillers, it’s just a really nice, natural pull-through for their customer base.”

The first joint location will be in The Grove in Los Angeles, where OrangeTwist will offer HydraFacials, CoolSculpting and a fully curated menu of non-invasive treatments. There are more Southern California pairings planned for 2020.

Sephora recently announced improvements to its existing stores as well as the opening of 35 new locations. “The Sephora retail concept is rooted in aesthetics, presenting its clients with the most unique product assortment, store design, and client services. Sephora was the first beauty retailer to employ the unique open-sell philosophy, allowing clients to shop a myriad of brands and encouraging them to try, test and play with everything from lip glosses to blushes, skincare to fragrance,” the brand’s news release says.

Denise Keeler, COO of OrangeTwist, describes the Sephora-OrangeTwist collaboration as a partnership not as a business merger, however. “We’ll own, operate and entirely run the OrangeTwist store. It’s really just the two brands unifying to provide a better customer experience,” Keeler says. “They’re a fantastic partner, so we’ve got all the plans, the permitting underway, all the product selection and some really, really cool ideas on exposing their customer base and ours to the values that both brands bring to the table.”


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