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Six Estheticians On Why They Love Their Careers

In 2016, the Cosmedix skincare brand declared October National Aesthetician Month, and October 15 National Aesthetician Day.

Developed to celebrate the essential role all estheticians play in their client’s journey towards healthy skin, the brand hopes the holiday will spark conversation outside of the skincare community about the importance of visiting an esthetician to tackle ongoing skincare issues, correct previous damage, build an at-home regimen, receive a spa treatment, and more.

In honor of the event, we asked some of our favorite estheticians their favorite part about their profession, and what being an esthetician means to them:

  • “My favorite part about being an esthetician is helping a shy, reserved, acne-prone teen become a butterfly and watch as they come out of their cocoon and become the person of their dreams, beautifully confident in their own skin. National Estheticians Day for us is mentoring those who are new in our industry into becoming accomplished estheticians; we just accepted our first two students into our associate’s program at Behind Enemy Lines!”—Debra Osborne, licensed esthetician and owner, Behind Enemy Lines (Fort Wayne, IN)
  • “My main goal as an esthetician is to educate my clients about the importance of maintaining a regular skincare regimen at home and to have a monthly facial. I am so happy to see my clients coming back, trusting me, and more important to see the results on their skin. That’s why I constantly continue to enrich my knowledge about skincare.”—Silviya Redlinger, licensed esthetician, Hand and Stone Massage and Facial Spa (Redmond, WA)
  • “What I love most about being in esthetics is being able to help and inspire so many people. Whether it’s helping boost someone’s confidence or helping them reach their goals—being in this industry is so rewarding!”—Cait D., licensed esthetician, Fresh Start Aesthetics Med Spa (Phoenix, AZ)
  • OrangeTwist estheticians play such a vital role in so many peoples skincare journey. Our industry professionals know how to treat skin to give our clients a youthful supple glow. To celebrate our estheticians today and all year round, OrangeTwist offers college savings plans, 401k, health benefits, and competitive compensation packages. Additionally, all OrangeTwist treatments are encouraged for aestheticians to do complimentary. OrangeTwist also offers off site and on-site training and advanced trainings as well!”—Britt Desola, marketing coordinator, OrangeTwist (multiple locations)
  • “My favorite part of being an esthetician is probably the facial and massages I give to clients, and their reactions after the treatments take effect. When they call or text me all excited—that’s what makes me happiest.”—Taelyn Hunt, licensed esthetician, The Skin Doctor (Atlanta, GA)
  • “One of the best decisions I’ve ever made was to pursue my passion for skincare and work as an esthetician. This decision has provided me with the most rewarding career. I am incredibly grateful to work with other estheticians who are committed to the beauty industry and have chosen a career that touches people in a positive way by helping them look and feel better each and every day.”—Lydia Sarfati, licensed esthetician and founder, Repêchage



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