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Try These Tools for Stress-Free Travel

While travel can be fun and thrilling, it can also be stressful and overwhelming. There’s dealing with flight delays and forgetting where you put your passport and a host of other things to worry about when you’re on the road. One way to help alleviate some of those travel-related anxieties? Learning how to pack like a pro, which means finding items that make life a little easier—and maybe even more enjoyable—as you hop on that flight, board that cruise or catch that train.


Breeze Through Security

You’ll see endless zipper plastic bags in the security queue. But just because they’re ubiquitous doesn’t mean they’re the most efficient way to store your liquid carry-on items. Baggies tend to be fragile, and it’s probably more common than not to find that something’s leaked upon arrival. Instead, reach for a more durable clear bag to store your liquids, like the Jon Hart Clear Grande Cosmetic Bag, which comes with six accent colors and can also be personalized with a monogram. Another favorite? The Organized Explorers Clear Toiletry Bag, available in a set of two, so you can have one for your carry-on and one for your checked bag if needed. For extra leak protection, put a bit of plastic wrap between the top and the container, and do one last check to make sure the seal is extra tight.


Organization Is Key

For those traveling internationally, it’s especially important to make sure that valuable documents such as your passport, boarding passes, and paper currency are all in order. One way to do just that is to invest in a dedicated travel organizer. We like the Smythson Panama Marshall Travel Wallet, which has convenient labels so that you know exactly where everything is. The Bellroy Travel Wallet is another good choice, a more compact option that also comes with a refillable micro travel pen—because everyone hates that moment when you have to dig through your bag and find something (anything!) to write with.


Make Time for Relaxation

While it may seem next to impossible to actually get some peace and quiet in a crowded airport or on a packed flight, there are ways to tune out all the noise and tap into your inner zen. For starters, you’ll want a luxurious eye mask to encourage a little R&R, such as the Morihata Binchotan Eye Mask, which is infused with Binchotan charcoal to promote blood circulation and ease any eye pressure you may be feeling. Equally important to creating a zen-like environment is the right pair of earbuds. The QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones from Bose are an excellent option, offering up to 16 hours of playing time per charge.


Although travel is often unpredictable, stocking up on items like these can help ensure that you’ll be ready for just about anything during your next adventure. Who wins the savviest traveler award? You do.


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