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The Gentleman’s Guide to Modern Grooming

“I’m a lumberjack and I’m … so 2017.”

The good news is that the lumberjack beard trend is making a hasty exit, giving way to a more groomed, classic shape—think less Tom Hanks in Cast Away and more George Clooney in Syriana. But that’s not all there is to know about facial hair and keeping your look fresh and tight.

Felix Omar, owner of the Felix Omar Men’s Grooming Studio in Studio City, CA, took the top barbershop spot in “Los Angeles Hot List 2018.” He shares some best practices around basic grooming that will transcend any facial hair trend—ridiculous or otherwise.

Omar says most men pay attention to their haircut, beard, and mustache, yet overlook their eyebrows, nose hair, ear hair and all around the face. “A lot of times, men, even after they shave, they still leave hair around the edges. What I highly recommend it for every man to own a trimmer. It goes a long way to make sure you’re always nice and groomed.” Two brands he stands by are Andis and Wahl. He also likes Martial Vivot products, made with organic botanical ingredients.

Even if you’re going for a scruffy look, trimmers come with attachments so you can leave some length while keeping the edges tidy. “You can actually keep that five-o’clock shadow, three-day shadow or a weeklong beard if you wanted to,” Omar explains.


Wash Properly

You’d think that shampooing would be a basic life skill, but Omar says most guys get it wrong.

“When they think of shampoo, they basically think of this never-ending liquid that you just have to pour a ton in your hair to wash it. And that’s not the case. That’s not the right way of doing it.” Instead you only need a dime or quarter-sized drop of shampoo. Lather upstart from the back of the ear and massage around the hairline in the back and the neck, then keep going up, finishing in the front. “And then that’s it. You rinse and your hair is completely clean,” adds Omar.


While shampoo is for cleaning and refreshing your hair, conditioner is to replenish lost oils and luster. Go ahead and use it!


Your Beard Needs Love

Even if you’re a “grow and let go” kind of guy, consider being extra kind to your beard. “Whether you just have a three-day shadow or a weeklong beard, beard oil is a game changer,” Omar says. “It will make your beard feel and look way better, softer.” A good quality oil won’t feel greasy, and it will darken the beard a tad for a nice, full look. Bonus: You can always put one drop of the beard oil into any kind of hair product that you’re using to emulsify it and make it work into your hair a lot easier. It adds extra conditioning and enables a product to wash out more easily.


Consult With Your Barber

There are just some barbers who are better than others. And it’s not so much in the technique—it’s more about understanding who the client is and what their face shape demands. It’s fine to follow a trend (Omar says he sees more men growing their hair a little, keeping the sides fuller, and sometimes a layered, blended groomed look).

Omar advises to find a stylist who will take some time to understand your lifestyle and take into account your bone structure. How wide is your jaw? How big is your chin? What are your best features? Those are all critical considerations.


Upgrade Your Products

Sorry throwback gentlemen, but the gel is out. “Those days are far gone. Now if there was one product that I’d highly recommend for men, it’s a grooming cream,” Omar says. “It’s a lot lighter, but still keeps your hair looking healthy and silky all day long. You can reshape it through the day.”

Just a small investment in grooming time and care can pay back in a big way—just look at Omar, whose dedicated clientele books weeks in advance and know it’s worth it.


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