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The Vivace Experience: Microneedling at Its Finest

The Vivace Experience, a next-generation, nonsurgical skin rejuvenation technique and accompanying recovery system, makes microneedling more effective and more comfortable than ever before. 

The state-of-the art technology, recently introduced to OrangeTwist clients, combines a best-in-class microneedling radio frequency (RF) device that provides heat and leverages the skin’s own healing process to improve texture and reduce scars, pore size and stretch marks.  

This kind of chemical-free collagen induction therapy is minimally invasive and uses a device with fine insulated, gold-tipped needles to create miniscule punctures in the top layer of the skin, which triggers new collagen and elastin production. It is available for use on the face, neck and body.  

How Safe and Comfortable Is the Vivace Experience 

Our number-one priority is patient safety. The FDA has approved the Vivace Experience, setting it apart from many other unqualified devices that can cause tearing, pain and variable results.  

We also want to ensure a comfortable experience for our patients, and that’s why we provide a personalized compounded numbing cream (the best available) about a half hour before the treatment. The treatment itself takes about 45 minutes. The recovery system includes healing serums, a cleanser, a balm and a potent enhancing mask.  

You can take our word about the astounding results of the Vivace Experience—or listen to patients who have been through it. Renee Dee, an entrepreneur, was nervous before her first time, but delighted with her results. “I found this treatment to be a breeze. On a scale of one to 10, I was at a one during the majority of the treatment. I was blown away by how little I felt,” Renee says. “One hour later, fine lines appeared to be diminished, my lips had a nice, little pout, and I was ready to get back to my day and see people with no makeup on. The tightening made me feel great about myself. I plan to do a series of three, and I can’t wait for the next one!”  

Aesthetician Kim Kaminer suffers from melasma—dark patches of pigmentation on her face, as well as sagging wrinkles around her mouth and eyes. “After experiencing this very comfortable procedure, my skin was glowing. I was even able to use makeup that night, and I went out in public,” she says. “After a week, I noticed that my melasma had improved significantly, and Vivace is a great maintenance procedure that I plan to use regularly. Vivace keeps my collagen stimulated and skin tight.” 

To find out how the Vivace Experience can help you, connect with us for a free consultation. Now available at OrangeTwist Dallas and OrangeTwist Bellevue.


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