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2020 Vision: Our Best Beauty Resolutions for a Gorgeous New Year

Every year, we’re faced with the proposition of making resolutions for self-improvement. Most of these seem like work (wake up earlier, save more money). But what if you made commitments to yourself that were actually enjoyable—and gave you a bonus beauty boost? Here are our best ideas to kick off 2020: 

  1. Regular facials: Getting a facial once in a blue moon is great, but regular facials help stave off fine lines, wrinkles, and discoloration and keep you hydrated. They’re kind of like an insurance policy for your skin. We love HydraFacial, of course, and when you join the OrangeTwist Citrus Club, you get a monthly facial as well as great deals on other treatments (and some freebies too!).
  1. Hair audit: If you’ve been wearing your hair the same way for five years or longer or if you realize your style or color just isn’t doing you any favors anymore, it’s time to take charge. First, tend to the health of your hair. Then consider growing it out (you’ll need a strategy from going from long to short without the dreaded “mushroom head” in-between), getting a dramatic chop, updating your color with something that won’t compete as much with your roots or going grey gracefully. For men, how’s your beard looking—or is it still just an idea? 
  1. Waking up your workout: Instead of promising you’ll just exercise more, why not completely shake up your workout by finding a fun new studio or class that moves you in entirely new ways?
  1. Become pro-nap: A quick sleep reset helps reduce inflammation, which is important for skin and body, but it also helps you resist the pull of stimulants such as coffee and sugary snacks in the afternoon (which can also keep you up at night, robbing you of precious beauty sleep). Promise yourself you’ll nap when you’re tired (and hopefully you’ll be able to find a place to discreetly nod off for a bit if you happen to be at work). 
  1. Clear your clutter: Go full Kondo! Give away or discard old beauty products that are crowding your bathroom shelves. They might be full of bacteria—especially be mindful of products you use around your eyes, which are sensitive. When you clean out your closet and dresser, you’ll better be able to find the clothing you actually love to wear, and you can also put together new outfits via “flashback fashion” and by recycling some iconic looks. When shopping your closet becomes a joy, you’ll save money and time—and you’ll be living a more sustainable lifestyle. Bonus: Bring the discarded clothes to a swap party with friends to mix up even more looks for free. 
  1. Schedule beauty lunches: It’s often hard to find time in the day for yourself, but when you schedule beauty breaks on your lunch hour (without downtime), you’re actually making an investment in your skin and maximizing the time in your day.
  1. Book a vacation: When you take a break and escape from your routine, you become rested and renewed—and it shows. The only problem is deciding what kind of trip you’ll take this year: Cruise, ski trip, friendcation, nature immersion getaway, wellness retreat or just a staycation near home? 
  1. Sparkle on: Vow to add some shine to your makeup routine with glitter—not just on holidays, but any day you want to bump up your shimmer factor. While you’re at it, take care of your brows to pull together your look.
  1. Nail it: The hands can say a lot about a person. Whether you want your wild side to show or keep it subtle, tidy cuticles and pristine polish help pull your look together. Schedule a regular mani-pedi or learn pro tips to do it at home. (And if “stop biting nails” is on your resolution list, here’s a good process from the American Academy of Dermatology Association to break this bummer of a habit.) 
  1. Take a detox diet: Spend a week or two cutting back on sugar, dairy, and other inflammatory foods, and introduce powerful antioxidant superfoods that will help clear your skin from within, slim you down and give you tons of energy. Also look into intermittent fasting, which can also be beneficial for clearer, firmer skin. 
  1. Manage stress: There are myriad ways to manage the stresses of everyday life. Consider using some productivity hacks, rebalancing the work-life load, meditating on the regular and, of course, keeping a massage on the calendar. All this can help you relieve tension, boost your immune system, heal your injuries faster and make you more rested and relaxed. 

And sometimes you know you want something different—but you’re not sure where to start. That’s where we come in. Connect with OrangeTwist, and we’ll give you a free consultation about minimizing wrinkles and discoloration, body sculpting, adding volume and tightening skin.  


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