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How to Have Better Skin Right Now, at Any Age

There are some people who simply glow from within with no help whatsoever—but the rest of us can always use a boost. Now that our days are shorter and we’re moving indoors, it’s time to consider treatments to help resurface the skin and provide a more toned, smooth appearance.

Francis Palmer III, MD FACS, a renowned Beverly Hills facial plastic surgeon says that while good skin is always in season, too much sun exposure may unevenly discolor vulnerable, freshly treated skin. It’s good to always be aware of your sun exposure, and Dr. Palmer won’t tell you to hop on a plane to Cabo San Lucas right afterward—but if you did, it wouldn’t be the end of the world.

That’s because OrangeTwist specializes in a new generation of treatments that offer minimal recovery downtime and often, none at all. “The wave in the last 15 years has clearly been going away from these deeper, more aggressive skin resurfacing techniques because we just live such an active lifestyle. We don’t have time. We’ve got to run our kids to soccer. We’ve got to do all sorts of other stuff. Got to get back to work. We’ve got busy lives,” Dr. Palmer says.

Finding the Perfect Treatment

The team at OrangeTwist is trained to customize treatment plans based on your goals and your skin’s unique needs. “The combination has to be done with an in-person evaluation,” he says. Facial structure, weight, gravity, previous environmental damage and even genetics all play a part in how your skin will age.
When you’re creating a strategy for the care of your skin, think of it almost as you would a retirement plan, explains Dr. Palmer. “If you start to do these things to maintain your good health, your good skin health and to avoid overexposure to UV rays (tanning beds are the worst), you’re building up an account where your skin’s going to look much better throughout your life.”

In your 20s, you’re creating a foundation for good skin that will last the rest of your life. This is the time to develop a regular deep-cleansing practice with HydraFacial and medical-grade products. Stave off wrinkles (this is the time the “11s” appear as tiny lines between the eyebrows) with Botox or Dysport. This not only helps minimize existing lines but also will prevent future ones from forming.

As you move into your 30s, you’ll want to hang on to luster and brightness as the skin’s elastin and collagen production decrease. Ask about Forever Young BBL/IPL (broadband light/intense-pulse light) treatments that help correct skin aged by UV rays, plus a number of other conditions that include hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles. You might also consider the ZO 3-Step Peel, an in-office treatment that combines exfoliants, retinol, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds to improve skin health and reduce the signs of aging. It also provides antioxidant protection and anti-irritant benefits.

Starting in your late 30s and beyond, you can add a gentle laser treatment such as Clear + Brilliant to your regular routine, to improve the appearance of your pores and give your glow a boost. Ultherapy is a safe, nonsurgical, noninvasive ultrasound treatment that helps to tighten skin on the face and décolletage. Another way to tighten and brighten sagging skin is through microneedling treatments such as Vivace, which prompts your skin to create new collagen for a baby-smooth finish.

You’ll also want to make a conscious effort to hydrate during the winter. “As the temperature goes down and the heat goes up, the moisture in the house goes down. If you’re at altitude, then it just is magnified,” Dr. Palmer says. “So you have to remember that you need to keep yourself hydrated, you need really good skin care. Use nutraceuticals, use facials as a way to maintain your skin health, and then use these other procedures that will also help you maintain a beautiful looking complexion and skin.”


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