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Why this Nurse Spends Up to $4K a Month on Staying Beautiful

Beauty Spotlight on: Rose, a 55-year-old corporate nurse who lives in La Mirada, Calif.


Rose’s go-to beauty solutions


Monthly beauty spend

Rose spends anywhere from $500-$3,000, depending on where she is in her Ultherapy treatment cycle—she’s had the first one and has her three- and six-month follow-up visits scheduled and then will go yearly after that. Rose is also a devotee of Chanel makeup. “I don’t budget my beauty. To me, it’s a necessity. I believe that it’s not only part of who I am personally, but professionally. I’m lucky enough to be able to afford it. It’s worth every penny. If I couldn’t do it anymore, I’d be extremely, extremely sad. I don’t think I would be able to do without it. My whole mindset and my whole level of confidence and spirit would truly be broken. I would do whatever it took for me to be able to do that.”


Looking good and feeling good

Our health is our psyche. It’s emotional, it’s spiritual and it’s an inner love that we give ourselves. It changes who we are, it changes our strengths, our confidence, our ability to feel like we can conquer the world. I feel that way,” Rose says.

Because she’s so on top of her beauty game, Rose says she doesn’t even need foundation—her skin is pretty much flawless. She just uses a little light powder, some glittery eye makeup, her eyelash extensions, and she’s ready to go. And when she’s looking good, she’s feeling good. “The glass is not half empty, it’s half full—your whole outlook changes, and that’s something that nobody can truly give you. It has to come from yourself. We look in the mirror—we look at our figure, at society, the magazines. I always say, ‘I could never be the best you. I can only be the best me, and nobody else can be the best me. I am my own canvas; I cannot be your canvas.’ Everyone has beauty. I just think it goes a lot deeper than just going in and getting a procedure done. It just really changes you.”


It’s her job to look good

“I am a corporate nurse, so I represent a lot of health and wellness, and you can’t sell what you are not,” Rose says. “People look at you to be healthy, to be attractive, to be the best that you can be and to represent what’s healthy. When my patients come to me, they want me to treat them. Nobody wants a nurse who walks in and smells like a cigarette.

I see people at their most vulnerable points when they’re sick, and they want that good health next to them. They come to me for advice—they come to me, they believe me, they trust me. If I look healthy and I display that positivity, if I talk to them about eating healthy food or changing a little bit of a lifestyle or going out and exercising, they’re going to think about that change.

The HydraFacial alone does more for me than the $3,000-$5,000 I spent at La Prairie. I felt amazing. The next day I glow—it’s my once-a-month deal for me. I’m 55 and nobody believes it.”


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