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Bigger Business, Better Beauty: Why OrangeTwist + Illuminate Is a Genius Partnership

In love, sometimes you make a connection so strong, so true and so perfect that you decide to partner up. The same thing goes for business, which is why OrangeTwist is merging with the Illuminate Face & Body Bar collection of six-medical spas around Southern California, Silicon Valley, and Las Vegas. By the end of the year, there will be 20 spas in total, all branded under OrangeTwist.

“I met Jeff Seery, the founder, and CEO of Illuminate, and we have a very common vision,” says Clint Carnell, OrangeTwist’s founder and the CEO of HydraFacial. “As we started looking to scale the OrangeTwist business, it was a natural fit.”

Carnell mentions each location’s interiors, designed for the best possible treatment environment amid the comfort of a relaxing, high-end setting. He also notes the alignment in staffing—both Illuminate and OrangeTwist seek out passionate practitioners who are devoted to customer health, safety, and a positive experience.

“Ultimately, this merger gives OrangeTwist the size to continue to bring more innovative products and services to our clients throughout the West Coast,” says Denise Keeler, OrangeTwist’s Chief Commercial Officer. This includes the convenience of the recently announced Sephora partnership as well as a training university so staff members can continue their career development and offer an even deeper level of knowledge and services to clients.

Illuminate’s CEO Jeff Seery explains that both OrangeTwist and Illuminate share a client-centric philosophy. “We both want to create an amazing experience for our clients that translates to a life long bond with them,” says Seery.

“If you’re an Illuminate client, don’t worry—you’ll still have access to your favorite aestheticians, nurse practitioners, treatments and products. You’ll also have more locations for your convenience, and OrangeTwist will honor any existing Illuminate365 monthly memberships and pre-paid services,” Seery says.


Merging Business Minds

Jeff Seery will remain as an executive with OrangeTwist, working closely with the team. The current Chief Operating Officer, Denise Keeler, will become the Chief Commercial Officer of the organization. OrangeTwist co-founder, W. Grant Stevens, M.D., FACS, a plastic surgeon board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, will remain Chief Medical Officer of the organization. Joining him at the organization will be Francis R. Palmer III, M.D., a Facial and Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon. All Illuminate Face & Body Bar locations will be fully branded as OrangeTwist locations by July 2019.

“OrangeTwist was already one of the fastest-growing brands in the United States,” Carnell says. “The expansion of our footprint just makes us more convenient for more clients, and it allows us to put more resources back into our products and services. If you’re not growing, you’re dying, so I’m just really fortunate to have met Jeff and to have found a partner who wants to work to make this one of the preeminent brands in the country. … We are really excited about the future and look forward to putting the new company together and continuing to lead California aesthetics.”


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