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Your Year of Wellness: Upgrading Your Life from the Inside Out

While we over here at OrangeTwist think that self-care is always in season, we love the fresh start of a new year for improving our routines, upgrading our products and getting rid of things that no longer serve us.

Our brains love rewards, and because it’s easier to frame a resolution as something good to add to your life (“eat more leafy greens, which make me feel amazing”) rather than to stop doing a habit (“eliminate sugar”), we’re suggesting things to start doing to help enhance your vitality, beauty, and health. Choose one, some or none, but know that whatever you do start can create a butterfly effect of continued wellbeing that can positively affect the rest of your life.


You know you’re supposed to drink more water, but it’s easy to forget amid the stress of the day. Easy hacks include setting a timer or downloading any number of hydration apps to remind you that it’s time to drink up.

Committing to more sleep will pay off in myriad ways besides looking and feeling less tired (and compensating by consuming more caffeine and carbs to make it through the day). When you sleep well, your memory is better, your immune system is stronger and your metabolism ramps up, for starters. To get a better handle on those elusive zzzs, limit screen time before bed, avoid too much alcohol or caffeine and get some exercise when you wake up (working out any time contributes to deeper sleep, but, surprisingly, morning workouts are even more effective).

And speaking of exercise, if you’re not getting to the gym as much as you’d like, try working out at home the low-tech way (turn on the music and dance until you’re sweaty); early ‘00s style with YouTube videos; or next-level with a Mirror, a wall apparatus that provides routines from a variety of studios and can synch with your fitness apps and Apple Watch for detailed data about how amazing you are.

For a powerful wellness boost you can’t get in a jar, consider vitamin shots and IV treatments from OrangeTwist. Come in for a B-12 shot, try Anti-Aging IV Therapy (a special blend formulated with zinc, biotin, taurine, and B-complex vitamins) or try the Myers Cocktail IV (which enhances the immune system, reduces fatigue, helps with seasonal allergies and reduces symptoms of fibromyalgia and asthma).

And finally, schedule at least the next three months’ worth of self-care appointments that are so easy to put off: therapy sessions, massage, medical and dental checkups, personal training sessions and exercise classes and any beauty treatments you’ve been meaning to try. If they’re already on the books, you’re more likely to go.


It’s easy to mindlessly add another product full of beauty promises to your basket with each trip to the grocery store, but consider making a “skinvestment” in medical-grade serums, lotions, cleansers, and sunscreens instead. If you’re balking at the higher price, keep in mind that better quality ingredients yield better results and generally last longer. You won’t need to keep trying things that don’t work, and you’ll have access to higher concentrations of retinol, antioxidants, and peptides than in drugstore products. Perhaps even most important of all: when you take good care of your skin now, you can avoid more intense repair down the line. We’re huge fans of three high-caliber skin care lines: Alastin, ZO Skin Health, and Senté, which offer a full suite of everything you’ll need in a bottle to maintain and repair your skin. You can start working them into your regular routine or get help from an OrangeTwist professional on creating a custom new one that’s just right for you. In addition, don’t forget to schedule a monthly HydraFacial to deliver a custom blend of deep cleansing, hydrating and nourishing for your skin. (Join the Citrus Club to save if you want to make it a regular thing.)


Our tresses are subject to a gamut of indignities on a regular basis. Coloring, drying, styling and even the wrong pony-tail elastic all take a toll. Here are some ideas to show your hair it’s loved, even if it’s not (and if that’s the case, consider a whole new ‘do.)

The GHD Platinum+ Professional Performance Ceramic Flat Iron is considerably smarter and kinder than it’s old-school predecessors. The “predictive” technology on which it’s based keeps it at an optimal, consistent 365-degree styling temperature no matter how thick your hair is, promising a healthier and more beautiful styling experience.

A silk pillowcase is a trick for waking up frizz-free; it also cuts down on hair breakages. It’s rumored that the affordable Slipsilk is a favored brand for Kerry Washington and Kourtney Kardashian; if you’re a luxe hotel/spa regular, you may already be familiar with Branché Charmeuse.

Virtue Recovery Conditioner takes a cue from regenerative medicine to reconstruct the hair shaft by infusing a human keratin protein into the hair.


It’s all about clean beauty in 2020—look for the most natural cosmetics you can find (European companies are banned from using 1,300 particular chemicals, while in the United States only 11 are verboten.) We like the boutique Āether Beauty Co.’s approach to creating vegan products as sustainably and naturally as possible, with liberal use of crystal dust. The Amethyst Crystal Gemstone Palette for eyes is a divine purple fantasy.

This is also the time to Kondo your old makeup on the chance it’s harboring bad bacteria (especially eye makeup) or if it’s just not you anymore. Happy new year! Here’s to trading a bad habit for a good one, eliminating toxic people from your circle and figuring out how to mitigate points of stress. Be happy; be well.


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