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7 Beauty-Boosting Gifts for Mom

Even if Mom says, “Oh no, I have everything I need as long as I have your kids,” when you ask her what she wants for Mother’s Day, understand that you could add in a sweet little gift and she’ll probably be delighted. Of course, she’ll love your heartfelt card—but if you want to truly indulge the mother in your life, why not go for one of these gifts that will make her feel beautiful on the outside, as well as inside?

Korean scrub/massage: Give her a full day at a Korean spa, as lounging and getting away from the daily routine are de rigueur, and you don’t want her trying to keep track of time in her blissed-out state. She’ll start with a soak in a hot tub, then move to a treatment room where she’ll get a vigorous body scrub and/or massage. After, there are a variety of resting rooms where the floors are clay, jade, salt or other minerals believed to have healing properties. Most of the spas also have delicious Korean dining options for when Mom needs to recharge from her recharging. In Southern California, try Wi Spa, women-only Hugh Spa, or Riviera Health Spa; Spa Castle or King Spa in the Dallas area; Olympus Spa near Seattle and Tacoma for women, and Yuan Spa in Bellevue.

The best facial(s) of her life: OrangeTwist is the home of the HydraFacial, one of the most technologically advanced treatments to exfoliate, moisturize and treat skin. After a thorough cleansing, a highly trained professional will apply custom serums. For example, they might use ZO’s Brightalive for perking up the skin’s glow, Rozatrol for rosacea-related redness, Colorscience’s eye treatment, and SkinCeuticals products for added anti-inflammatory properties and protection. It all takes less than an hour.

Agua fresca: Ample hydration is one of the best beauty tricks there is. But before you go buying a pallet of bottled water, know that it isn’t always up to tap standards and wastes an incredible amount of plastic. Instead, invest in a high-end water filter, such as a Berkey stainless model or the Grayl for the on-the-go mom. Want to really commit? Get her a whole-house water purification system. And then this sweet set of gold-rimmed water glasses for some classy consumption

Updated makeup: If you need to coerce your mom to back away from that two-year-old mascara or her go-to lipstick that’s worn down to a mere nub, give her the gift of a makeover and new products. Blushington is the Drybar for makeovers; you can also give her a gift card to Sephora or a department store, where she’ll find higher-end cosmetics and people who will show her how to use what where. Even an upgraded mani-pedi would be welcomed by many moms—you can go together and make a day of it.

Upgraded skin care: Medical-grade beauty products are an investment in the skin’s health—now and for the future. When you give Mom specially formulated products such as those from Alastin and ZO Skin Health, she’s getting high-caliber ingredients such as retinol, antioxidants, and peptides that she won’t find in drugstore alternatives. What’s worse, some products on the grocery-store shelf can actually harm fragile skin by stripping it of natural oils or tearing it with harsh exfoliation.

Hair affair: A day at the salon and expert consultation can give Mom up-to-the-moment locks that fit her look and lifestyle. Or what about going wild with hair extensions (either weave-in or clip-on) to shake up short hair? Or for a special event, a gift certificate to Blo, Drybar or her favorite salon for a blowout or updo? Top off your gift with a high-end Mason-Pearson brush and luxe products such as Phytologist Botanical Scalp and Hair Concentrate, Bumble and Bumble Full Potential Booster Spray or the Oleo-Relax hair mask by Kerastase.

A good sleep: Send her for a night out—alone or with friends—at a hotel where she can luxuriate with a warm bath, a glass of bubbles and a solid night’s sleep—without anyone waking her up. For deeper sleep every night, add on a weighted blanket (such as a natural handmade jersey one from Sheltered Co.). Not only will she feel better, but she’ll look good too: Studies show that people who are sleep deprived are perceived as less healthy and less attractive.

Still not sure what to gift Mom? A Citrus Club membership should cover most anything she could want for an extra beauty boost—on her day and all year round.


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